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Clockwork Clinician
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Clockwork Basilica
Race Factotum Gender
Reaction Friendly

The Clockwork Clinician is a factotum found in the Clockwork Basilica within the Brass Fortress.

It will only be of use if you chose to kill Chancellor Gascone Dusant at the Ventral Terminus, otherwise it will have absolutely no part in the game.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngUnto the Dark: Pursue the Shadow of Sotha Sil to the center of the Clockwork City.


"By Seht's will, I am bound.
Greetings, resident. What do you require?"
I need to, uh... speak to Gascone?
"Reflecting. Permissions registered.
I completed the cognitive archival process and data retention is within acceptable parameters. Unfortunately, my current tok-plug storage quantity equals zero. It must equal one for vocal emulation to proceed."
So, you need me to get a tok-plug? Where can I find one of those?
"Malfunctioning skeevatons often appropriate tools and components from this chamber. You may wish to search the eastern quarter of the Fortress. Skeevatons often accumulate there, and place reclaimed scrap in piles.
I apologize for the inconvenience."

If you speak to it before finding a tok-plug:

"I speak the will of the Divine Metronome.
Please locate a tok-plug to hear deceased resident, Gascone Duscant's, archival data."

When you return with what could possibly be a tok-plug:

"May my labors please the Clockwork God.
Welcome back, resident. Your permissions remain active. What do you require?"
I have the tok-plug you asked me to retrieve.
"False assertion. This is not a tok-plug.
Fortunately, I located a tok-plug in a mnemo-crate outside my immediate visual range. Your assistance, while appreciated, is no longer required. Please ask the deceased resident your questions."

You may now speak to the Chancellor directly. Speaking to the Clinician afterwards will have it say:

"I hope your interaction with the deceased resident was illuminating, and that you found my assistance satisfactory.
May Sotha Sil bless your many labors."
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