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Chancellor Gascone Dusant
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Clockwork Basilica
Ventral Terminus
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Chancellor Gascone Dusant

Chancellor Gascone Dusant is a high-ranking Breton Apostle. He is part of the ruling council that runs the city while Sotha Sil is away, working with Provost Varuni Arvel and Proctor Luciana Pullo. His quarters in the Clockwork Basilica are Chancellor Gascone's Rectory.

Related Quests[edit]


In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

In the Basilica, after exiting Varuni's office, Gascone can be found outside speaking to two apostles:

Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "As I said before, those tarnished redundants down in the slums are no concern of yours. I've instructed the constabulary to keep a strict eye on them."
Lector Tanel Sadyron: "Yes, that Constable Baldan's done an admirable job. Even so, tarnished and exodromals enter the basilica far too often."
Adjunct Diwa: "And what of these rumors? Black-robed figures lurking on the edge of the Radius?"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "Honestly, Diwa, settle the boilers, hmm? I will never let tarnished, or exodromals, or mysterious robed ghosts disrupt our work. Believe me."

If you speak to him, he will say: "Ah. You must be Lord Fyr's … associate. I'm afraid I can't be seen talking to an outsider. Appearances. I'm sure you understand.
So, yes … off you go."

The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

Once you've set your scheme with Divayth Fyr in motion, you'll witness the living god give a lecture. Flip the switch to the light and Sotha Sil will be exposed as a fake. He'll scream and flee to the next room:

Sotha Sil: "Arrrgh!"
Provost Varuni Arvel: "What is that? What's happening?"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "After him! Someone seize that imposter!"

After defeating the Shadow of Sotha Sil:

Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "I haven't the time to discuss this, Varuni. Wittingly or unwittingly Lord Seht no longer serves the people of Clockwork City. Now if you'll excuse me."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Gascone, where are you going? When news of this gets out-. We need to issue a statement or at least gather the congress for an emergency session."
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "I have urgent matters to attend to! Make whatever statement you like. I will... I will return soon."

Deepening Shadows[edit]

After Snuffler leads you to the Ventral Terminus and approach the entrance, the Chancellor will speak to you through a tube:

Ventral Audiometer: "What? Who's out there?"

You can talk back:

"Begone, whoever you are! I sealed the door, and it shall remain sealed for as long as necessary!"
Chancellor Gascone? Varuni sent me to find you. We have some questions.
"Questions? You think I'm foolish enough to let you in? No, this door will remain closed. I just need time to work this out—to smooth things over. Simple. Now, leave me be!"
What have you done? Did you make a deal with these shadow cultists?
"Who I keep council with is none of your concern!
You're just like Varuni. So uptight. So naive! If you value your life, you'll leave this place. Now."

If you speak to the audiometer again, he will say:

"I already told you, I'm not coming out! Begone"

As you make your way through the Ventral Terminus and reactivate a disused Imperfect, Gascone will comment on your progress:

"So, you found a way in after all. Impressive. Too bad it's a dead end. Unless you can smash through solid bedrock, you'll never find me."
"Plotting something are we? Well, that rusty heap has been gathering dust for decades. You may as well just give up!"
"What … what have you done?"
"Slag that Imperfect, and kill the interloper! They're getting too close!"
"Oh, did your new toy wind down? What a shame! May as well give up!"
"You don't understand, I had to do this. You are ruining everything!"
"Enough! Re-route the charge gate and stop this thing!"

As you make your way to the main gate, the Chancellor will translocate and summon a skaafin to defend himself:

Moraz Goldtongue: "You summon me again? I grow tired of this, mortal!"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "Enough talk, you horn-capped buffoon! Just help me!"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "How did you …? I yield! Just follow me outside, all right? I promise, I will explain everything."

Follow him outside, where he will explain what is going on:

"I know how this looks, but you have to understand. Those shadow cultists meant to slit my throat. I had to leave! My life was in danger, don't you see that?"
Start talking.
"Fine. I made a bargain with Clavicus Vile. I know. Questionable. Just hear me out! All he wanted was a key. If I got it for him, he'd make me the ruler of Clockwork City.
Unfortunately, someone stole the key before I could deliver it."
Who stole this key?
"Some daft talking crows!
After that terrible business with the Shadow, I returned to my office to think. I arrived just in time to see one of those disgusting birds make off with the artifact! I panicked and ran here to hide."
And what of the shadow imposter? Did you know Sotha Sil had been replaced?
"On my life, I did not! I wanted to heal the city, not destroy it! If I had known, I swear, I never would have gone through with it."
Who are these cultists who were chasing you? Do they serve Clavicus Vile?
"No. They serve that Shadow creature … or someone worse.
Clavicus Vile never told me why he wanted the key, but I think he means to give it to those cultists' master. When they learned I lost the key, they grew furious and resolved to kill me."
But these skaafin serve Clavicus Vile, don't they? If they knew you'd lost the key, why take you in?
"Why kill me when they can bend me to their will? I'm in Vile's debt now, don't you see? The skaafin only protect me like dogs protect sheep—keeping me safe until shearing season. Until the slaughter.
Even so, I'd rather be a slave than a dead man."
Tell me about this key.
"It's ornate. Covered in Daedric runes. One of the factotums found it in the Fundament and placed it in the salvage gallery for sorting. I snatched it up shortly thereafter.
I thought it was safe in my office … but those slagging crows!
"Yes! Daft talking crows. They plucked it right out of my bureau and flew off with it. Those Whispering Shadows cultists will never find it now."
You endangered everyone in Clockwork City.
"Yes, my methods were… unconventional. I admit it. But you have to understand—I didn't do this for me! I did it for the City.
Look around! Blood-thirsty fabricants, barren wastes, crumbling towers …. This is all Sotha Sil's fault!"
How is it Sotha Sil's fault?
"He abandoned us! While he tinkers away in the Centralis, we scrape by, eating nutriment paste and hiding from killer machines. Is that fair? Should we thank him for that?
My eyes are open. The people of Clockwork City deserve better."
And you're the one to give it to them?
"I thought so. Look, bartering with Clavicus Vile was unwise, I know. Offering Daedric artifacts to dark Princes… it was a mistake.
Even so, I can be a useful ally. I know our enemy better than anyone. You need me!"
I believe you. We need your knowledge to spot the Shadow of Sotha Sil.
"You've made the right choice. Take me back to the Brass Fortress. I will admit to my crimes. Perhaps I can help you in due course."
You sold out the city to the Daedra. You don't deserve to live.
(If you choose this option, you will exit out of the dialogue box and slit Gascone's throat, killing him instantly.)

If you chose to spare the Chancellor, Proctor Luciana Pullo will appear, flanked by two Clockwork Enforcers, having been brought to you by Snuffler:

Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "Once we arrive at the basilica I can explain everything to Varuni. Maybe she'll understand."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Chancellor Gascone!"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "Oh no. Luciana, just let me expla-"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Shut that lying mouth of yours or I'll shut it for you. Permanently."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Thank you for digging this traitorous mongrel out of the Terminus. Varuni wants to speak with you back at the basilica."

Unto the Dark[edit]

During the quest Deepening Shadows, if you had chosen to kill Gascone, his corpse will be found in the Ineluctible Fold of the Clockwork Basilica during this quest. The Clockwork Clinician says that through the city's technology, his brain can be scanned and he will speak out through vocal emulation, but a tok-plug is required. Once one is retrieved, Gascone's corpse can be interrogated, and it will speak in a computer-like manner:

"Resident corpse, Gascone Dusant, memory outlay primed. Submit query."
How do the Whispering Shadows cultists travel through the city so quickly?
"Assembling summary. Sub-heading, Whispering Shadows. Sub-heading, movement. Sub-heading Clockwork City.
Cultists use Gloaming Gates. Pools of darkness that channel Nocturnal's power. They serve as portals to many places, including Evergloam."
"Assembling response.
Subject: Evergloam. A twilight plane of Oblivion peopled by Nocturnal Shrikes, phantoms, and beastly simulacra. Passing through Evergloam allows cultists to travel great distances without detection."
Where can I find one of these Gloaming Gates?
"Accessing visio-spatial memory. Mapping complete.
Two gates exist in the Radius—one west, one east, hidden in cave networks controlled by Whispering Shadows. These gates may not allow passage to the uninitiated. Incomplete data."
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