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Clockwork Archivist
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Archivox
Race Factotum Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Clockwork Archivist

Clockwork Archivist is a Factotum found in the Archivox.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

While you are in the Archivox looking for a suitable love poem for the Knight of Marrow; the factotum can be asked for assistance:

"By the word of Seht, I am bound.
Welcome to the Archivox, resident. How may I assist you?"
"Can you direct me to a good love poem?
"Just a moment.
Category not found. Your request, love poem, does not appear in our organizational schema. I regret that I was not able to help you today. Please report this deficiency to the archivist in residence."
Are you sure there's nothing you can do?
"Dreaming …. Discarded Flowers. Empty Cylinder.
Thank you for your patience. This unit has generated an original composition based on your inquiry—love poem. Please claim your word-form at spool seventeen."
Wait, you just wrote a poem?
"Poem. A collection of thematically appropriate statements and metaphors arranged in stanzaic sequence, including title and required punctuation. Yes, this unit has composed a poem. I hope it meets your specifications.
May Seht bless your labors."

Her poem, Love Poem LT0782 can then be found in the library.

If you speak to her again, she'll add:

"Please claim your word-form at spool seventeen.
Go forth, and create."