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Chime-Maker Shuvu
Location Bright-Throat Village, Root-Whisper Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe
Chime-Maker Shuvu

Chime-Maker Shuvu is an old Argonian chime-maker from the Bright-Throat Tribe who can be found in the Glade of Chimes near the Bright-Throat Village. It is his responsibility to create and maintain the chimes used by their Hist to communicate with the tribe.

He has known Xukas since he was a hatchling and can be enlisted to help learn the location of the Remnant of Argon.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngWhispers in the Wood: Work with the local tribes to find out more about a mysterious Argonian relic.


Whispers in the Wood[edit]


If you have previously completed Empty Nest, then his greeting will reflect that.

"Is that …? Ha! Little Xukas, come to visit your old friend in the Glade of Chimes? He is always so busy now. I recall when he stood only as tall as the keppo grass!
And you, egg-savior. What can this stiff-legged crafter do for you?"

Otherwise: needs dialogue from pre-empty nest completion

I need to ask your Hist about the Remnant of Argon.
"Remnant of … my, my. This is no small question, Xukas-friend.
Look around you. Each of these chimes sing out a tangle of melodies, but only one tangle. One chime speaks of eggs and hatching. Another jangles about death and journeys' ends."
So, I need a specific chime? One that speaks about the Remnant?
"Ha! The ojel is clever, Xukas!
Yes. My hands gave birth to every chime you hear. But the Remnant? Only one chime can sing its truth. One made by sun-blessed hands in an old time. Older than my egg-mother's egg-mother. A chime as old as our tribe."
Where is this chime?
"Locked away. Hidden under mud and lost memories.
Understand, our egg-sires did not want this truth drifting free on the wind. But Xukas trusts you, so I will trust you. Go to the Wither-Vault. Claim the chime. We will learn its truth together."
All right. I'll recover the chime from the Wither-Vault.

Before leaving for the Wither-Vault, Shuvu can then be asked about Xukas.

"The Wither-Vault is well north of the village. I would guide you, but my knees grow stiff as kindling-wood. Little Xukas can aid you, I have no doubt.
Be warned. Even Bright-Throats, who know the mire like their own scales, face danger there."
So you've known Xukas for a long time?
"Since before he hatched! I called him the little stump. He would plant himself at the foot of the Listening-Tree and stare up at the branches. Listening, always listening!
I thought he might take my place one day."
Why didn't he?
"You should ask him!
Tree-Minder Pavu saw the old sap in Xukas. She made him a root-herald, and his days grew short and lean, like an underfed guar. Eventually, he had no time to listen anymore."
That bothers you?
"All is as the Hist wishes it to be.
One day, when he has grown old and thin like me, he may return to the Glade. Until then, he does the tribe's work. There is no shame in that. None at all."

Communing with the Hist[edit]

When you return to the Glade with the Chime, you can overhear Shuvu's reaction to learning that wild beasts got into the vault.

Chime-Maker Shuvu: "A beast, nesting in the Wither-Vault? Soiling the chime? My rage-quill is engorged!"
Xukas: "Be calm, old Shuvu. No one wants to see that."

He can then be spoken to to assure him that the Chime is fine and for instructions on what to do next.

"The wind welcomes you, Xukas-friend. You have the Remnant Chime?
Please, settle an old lizard's spines. The beast Xukas mentioned. It did not gnaw or shed water on it, right?"
No. It seems fine. What happens now?
"Hist be praised!
Take the chime to the Listening-Tree, and hang it there. When you are ready, clutch this prayer-stone and focus. If your cause is just, the Hist will answer. If not? I guess we have to find a better place to bury this chime."

Once you have hung the Chime:

"Perfect! Now center yourself in the glade and focus the Remnant's mystery on the prayer stone."

While focus on the prayer-stone, the following will happen.

Chime-Maker Shuvu: "We seek your guidance and ask the blessing of your song, sap-mother, bough-father. Please, hear our petition and speak the Remnant's truth."
<The chimes start moving.>
"I … I hear nothing. A tangle of whispers—nothing more."
Xukas: "That can't be. Wait. I hear it, Shuvu … I hear it! The Hist sings the Remnant's truth!"
Chime-Maker Shuvu: "Truly? Ha! Ah, little Xukas, I knew you had a chime-maker's heart. Come, tell us what you hear!"

Chime-Maker Shuvu is very pleased to learn of Xukas' talent.

"Xukas! My little listener! As mud is my mother, how many secrets have passed me by that he might have heard?
He has the soul of a chime-maker. I knew it. One day, he will find his way to the wind and music. If not in this life, then in the next."

After learning of what Xukas heard, he will agree to help solve the riddle with Xukas.

"Xukas and I have much to talk about. This riddle may dry my membranes, but you have my word as a Bright-Throat that we will see it solved.
Safe journeys, Xukas-friend."

Root-Whisper Tribe[edit]

Chime-Maker Shuvu will be one of the visitors to Root-Whisper Village to witness the reawakening of the Hist tree.

"I did not think these old eyes would ever see something so grand. The birth of a new tribe and new life for a sleeping Hist.
You have done very well, beeko. Very well indeed."
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