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A Celestial Rift before being activated

Celestial Rifts are glowing portals that appear at set locations in Lower Craglorn with a difficulty level intended for group completion, and function somewhat similarly to Dark Fissures. When activated, a number of enemies appear. If you defeat this wave a new one will spawn, including a few minibosses. A boss will be spawned after both waves are cleared. Defeating all these enemies will reward you with a (?). Typically you will also find a superior or epic item as loot from one of the enemies.

Known locations of Celestial Rifts can be found by searching for them on our ESO Map.


The types of enemies spawned vary by the part of Lower Craglorn they are found in. In the western Belkarth Region, they will be related to the Anka-Ra and The Warrior. In the eastern Elinhir Region, they will be related to atronachs and The Mage.

Normal Enemies[edit]


  • Anka-Ra Thundermaul(?) (Belkarth Region)
  • missing


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