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Carusian Matius
Home City Rimmen
Location On the stairs leading to Rimmen Palace
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble
Carusian Matius

Carusian Matius is an Imperial noble who can be found talking to Panolya in Rimmen. He has little love for the Khajiit citizens and hates being in the city.


"The Rimmenites need a steady hand. Discipline. Take that away, and this city would be a shambles."
"Have a care around these Rimmenites, friend. Furry scamps will cut a throat just as quick as they cut a purse.
Mara's mercy, I hate it here."
"I didn't always live here, you know? Before the anchors started falling in Cyrodiil, I was a man of means. Respected! Envied! Now? Now, I'm just a mark for these bloody Rimmenites.
Take my advice and get out of here while you can."