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Captain Nieth
Home City Anvil
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Captain Nieth

Captain Nieth is a Bosmer found on the docks in Anvil. She's captain of The Rowdy Guar.

Related Quests[edit]


Before the quest, she sounds chipper as can be.

"We'll set sail soon—as soon as the tavern runs out of this tasty brew!"
"Anvil's not as sophisticated and civilized as it used to be, and I for one like it this way!".

Honest Work[edit]

If you speak to her in hopes of finding work for Kireth Vanos, she'll greet you with:

"You look strong and sober. Want a job?
The Rowdy Guar skirted a hurricane off Khenarthi's Roost. Oddest thing, just came out of nowhere and we took some damage. I need someone who can hold a board and hammer a nail. Preferably at the same time."
Thanks for the offer, but I've got a better idea. I know a Dark Elf carpenter who needs a job.
"Really, a—wait a moment! You're talking about Kireth, aren't you? She's the worst carpenter to ever heft a hammer, and that includes the drunk ones!
I had to pay someone to fix what she repaired. She did more damage to my ship than the storm!"
I'll pay you to hire her, with enough extra to make it worth your while. [Leveld Gold]
"Let me get this straight. You're going to pay me to pay her? To fix my boat? That's crazy and I know crazy—my first mate thinks he's a wereskeever!
All right, send the Dark Elf to me. That's enough gold to re-do her work and still make a profit."
I'll let Kireth know we reached an agreement.
"With what you paid me, I'll be able to pull out every one of Kireth's misaligned planks, hire a real carpenter to plug the holes, and still make a small profit. So, bottoms up!"
Never mind. I'll inquire elsewhere.
<Ends conversation>
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