Dragon Bones


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Location Fang Lair
Species Lich
Health Normal2946975Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Dragon Bone
Caluurion as a Lich

Caluurion is a Lich who serves as the third boss of Fang Lair. During the fight, he will activate the Wamasu, Serpent, Lurcher, Mammoth, and Shalk relics, which will give him varying boosts.

He has a chance to drop a sample of Dragon Bone.

Location Fang Lair
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Caluurion's Altmer spirit

He was originally an Altmer and one of the adventurers who slew the dragon Thurvokun in the First Era, along with Ulfnor and Sabina Cedus. In undeath he has been bound to serve the necromancer Orryn the Black. Once he is defeated, his spirit will be freed and can be spoken to in later stages of the dungeon.

Related Quests[edit]

Spells and Abilities[edit]

Activate Relic
Caluurion will activate a relic which will give him various abilities (?)
Necrotic Spear
Molten Breath


Combat Dialogue[edit]

When he is approached he can be heard talking to Orryn the Black.

Orryn the Black: "Not to be an ungracious host, but I've tired of entertaining."
"Caluurion. See that our uninvited guests are made comfortable for a very long stay."
Caluurion: "How much more of your company must I endure, Orryn? None of you are welcome here!"
<When engaged in combat.>
"I'll banish every last trace of you from this world."
"Leave me to this empty existence!"

Activating the Shalk Relic:

Caluurion: "The shalk glimpses the flame and sees only prey."

Activating the Lurcher Relic:

Caluurion: "The lurcher takes its time to choke the life out of its prey. As do I."

Activating the Mammoth Relic:

Caluurion: "The chill of the north lies deep in the bones of the mammoth."

Activating the Serpent Relic:

Caluurion: "Venomous serpents are the heralds of a slow and painful death."

Activating the Wamasu Relic:

Caluurion: "From the wamasu, I claimed thunder. Feel it course through you."

Once Caluurion is defeated:

"Finally, a moment's peace!"


Conversation after being defeated:

Yisareh: "Caluurion! By your true name spoken, I compel you to rise once more and tell us of your captors."
Caluurion: "You are no friend to me, conjurer, but release those who walked with me in life and I will consider you an ally. Fail and we will have a very long time to become acquainted."
Yisareh: "That's an acceptable bargain."
Caluurion: "Then find Ulfnor and Sabina and dispatch them as you did me."

After defeating and freeing Ulfnor and Sabina, Yisareh will question the group about the dragon.

Yisareh: "That's it, the necromantic energies are exhausted. They should be free now."
"Caluurion, we've done as you have asked. Tell us of Orryn's plans."
Caluurion: "He seeks to take what we wom at so steep a price, so long ago."
Sabina Cedus: "Thurvokun. The Dragon we hunted still lies dead in its roost."
Ulfnor: "By my hand, you'll recall. Not that any songs'll be sung about it."
Yisareh: "Tell me he doesn't have the Dragon's soul."
Caluurion: "Hmmph, no. I was unable to capture the Dragon's soul when we slew it. It's corporeal form was all I was able to claim. And this ruin."
Yisareh: "Small blessings...but even soulless Dragon bones pose a terrible threat in the hands of someone as powerful as Orryn. We have to stop his plans."
"Even as a soulless husk, the Dragon's bones hold formidable power. If Orryn's able to complete the reanimation...let's hurry."

Caluurion can then be further questioned:

"The Dragon was my prize. Stolen from me now, like my friends, my peace, and my free will. Destroy Orryn and let me lie."
What do you mean the Dragon was your prize?/What did you mean when said the dragon was your prize?
"Those bones, this place, they are mine by right of conquest. Spoils paid for in blood. I devoted lifetimes of study to all of it.
For what? The damned beast onto its secrets more tightly than its life!"
What were you hoping to gain?
"The others might claim an end to tyranny, but I lent my sorcery to their cause to claim the power of a god, or so near as to make no difference.
But that power could not be contained by the like of me, so I had to content myself with the remnants."
Why did you become a lich?
"Because I could. Because even an Altmer's longevity was not enough to find what I was seeking.
You can put that on my grave: here lies Caluurion, whose reach forever exceeded his grasp."

At one point he will be called upon to break a door's magical seal:

Yisareh: ""It's like it's drawing its power from beyond the veil. Caluurion, can you help?"
Caluurion: "If I must."
<Caluurion breaks the seal.>

Once Thurvokun and Orryn the Black have been defeated. Yisareh will unbind the dragon and Orryn.

Yisareh: "I think it's time we laid these old bones to rest for good."
"Caluurion, Ulfnor, Sabina, help me unravel the threads binding Orryn to your ancient foe."
Caluurion: "Turnabout is fair play."
Ulfnor: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."
Sabina Cedus: "Time for a taste of your own medicine, bastard."
<Orryn's ghost appears.>
Orryn the Black: "Where did I go wrong?"
Sabina Cedus: "There'll be plenty of time for regrets where you're going."
Yisareh: "Now to ensure this Dragon stays buried for a very long time."
<Starts the ritual>
Yisareh: "Breath of the Tricky God. Breeze of the Far Shores. Carry away the lingering life that clings as Sep's skin to this world."
Caluurion: "May your elusive spirit be forever swallowed by the Void."

Caluurion can be spoken to for a final time after this. He isn't that happy that the focus of his life's work was destroyed and he doesn't want your pity.

"All my works and accomplishments finally reduced to dust and lost to time. I hope whatever comes after this life is not so pointless."
I hope you can find rest now.
"Is that to be my reward for accepting the inevitability of fate and surrendering to futility? Insipid and eternal langour? Save your pity and your dreams of idyllic repose for your own pointless existence."
Have it your way. (Ends Conversation)
I'll take comfort in the fact that wherever you end up, you'll be miserable. (Ends Conversation)