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Home City Stormhold
Location Standing on the bridge in front of Coin Brothers' Cornerclub
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Buxutheeus is an Argonian citizen who can be found on a bridge, northwest of the Stormhold Exchange in Stormhold with his friend, Yrssteir. He is leaning on the ropes as Yrssteir looks over the river. They can be overheard discussing various subjects.


Buxutheeus: "What could the Dominion want with a dead Hist?"
Yrssteir: "I didn't know the Hist could die. What does a dead Hist look like?"
Buxutheeus: ""Dead's" not quite right. It's like it's born backwards. When it dies, it turns into an egg... or so they say."
Yrssteir: "Sounds like someone's been in the swamp too long."

Buxutheeus becomes irate and walks a few feet away from where he was. He stands with his arms crossed, facing away From Yrssteir while sighing.

Yrssteir: "Heard the Shadowscales aren't taking any more contracts."
Buxutheeus: "Shh. You think no contracts means no ears in town?"

Yrrsteir walks over to the end of the bridge towards the Cornerclub, and signals for Buxutheeus to follow. He sighs and follows. They crouch and sneak into Borrows-Trouble's hut. If you follow them inside, you will not see them in the building. They will eventually reappear back on the bridge.

Yrssteir: "Sanctioned killers are on our doorstep, and we're worried about invaders?"
Buxutheeus: "I wouldn't say that too loud. Shadowscales have a lot of friends in these parts."

After completing the quests at Zuuk:

Yrssteir: "I wonder what the Kothringi were like? Warriors? Diplomats?"
Buxutheeus: "They found one alive, did you hear?"
Yrssteir: "Yeah, but he's probably mad. How could you survive, if your entire race died around you?"