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Survive the Dragon attack in Star Haven Adeptorium.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: None
Location(s): Star Haven Adeptorium
Next Quest: A Rage of Dragons
Reward: Caravaner's Strong Box
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard[verification needed]
I awoke in Star Haven Adeptorium, home to an order of peaceful Khajiit adepts. It seems that I was asleep for many days, recovering from a devastating Dragon attack.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the letter.
  2. Speak to Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro.
  3. Pick up a training sword and equip it.
  4. Meet Ma'jha-dro outside.
  5. Spar with Ma'jha-dro.
  6. Investigate Star Haven Catacombs.
  7. Rescue the adepts and talk to one of them.
  8. Find the Dragonhorn and sound it.
  9. Distract the dragon inside Star Haven Adeptorium.
  10. Escape Star Haven.
  11. Speak to the Grand Adept.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • This quest will serve as tutorial to the new Elsweyr characters.

Quest Stages[edit]

Bright Moons, Warm Sands
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Look Around
A Khajiit outside my door mentioned a letter. I should find it.
Objective: Find the Letter
I found the letter. I should see what it says.
Objective: Read the Letter
The adepts left a key to my room, so I'm free to leave. I should take the key.
Objective: Take the Key
Now that I picked up the key, I can unlock the door and leave my room. I should open the door.
Objective: Leave the Room
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro has come to check on me. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ma'jha-dro
Optional Step: Talk to Zamarak
Ma'jha-dro wants to spar to see how well I healed. I should take a training sword from the nearby supply room.
Objective: Take the Training Sword
I picked up the training sword. Now I need to equip the weapon before I can use it to spar with Ma'jha-dro.
Objective: Equip the Training Sword
I should meet Ma'jha-dro in the gardens so that we can start sparring.
Objective: Meet Ma'jha-dro in the Gardens
I found Ma'jha-dro in the gardens. I should let him know I'm ready to spar.
Objective: Talk to Ma'jha-dro
I need to spar with Ma'jha-dro to determine if I'm fully healed.
Objective: Spar with Ma'jha-dro
We finished sparring and Ma'jha-dro promised to lead me out of Star Haven. I should follow him.
Objective: Follow Ma'jha-dro
A Dragon is attacking Star Haven. Ma'jha-dro told me there's another path through the catacombs that I can use to escape. I should make my way there.
Objective: Go to the Catacombs
I need to get through the catacombs and keep an eye out for any adepts I might be able to help.
Objective: Traverse the Catacombs
Optional Step: Open the Relic Vault
The Dragon isn't alone. Soldiers and necromancers are also attacking Star Haven, and I found some adepts that are in need of my help. I should save them.
Objective: Rescue the Adepts
The adepts I rescued might be able to tell me more about what's going on. One seems less shaken by the attack than the others. I should find out what she knows.
Objective: Talk to Izjadi
Izjadi told me of an old Akaviri Dragonhorn that was once used to combat Dragons. If I can find it, I might be able to ground the Dragon.
Objective: Find the Dragonhorn
I should sound the Dragonhorn and hope it can ground the Dragon so that the adepts can escape.
Objective: Sound the Dragonhorn
The horn worked, but the Dragon fell from the sky and crashed into the adeptorium. Ma'jha-dro wishes to check if there's any adepts still trapped inside. I should follow him into the adeptorium.
Objective: Go to the Adeptorium
The Dragon now blocks our path forward. I'll need to battle him if my companions and I are to escape Star Haven Adeptorium.
Objective: Battle the Dragon
The Dragon flew off suddenly. I should get out of the adeptorium and escape Star Haven.
Objective: Escape Star Haven
☑Finishes quest We escaped Star Haven. Ma'jha-dro wants to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Ma'jha-dro

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