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Blackmarrow Reanimator
Location Fang Lair
Race (?) Gender Varies
Health Normal186642Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult

Blackmarrow Reanimators are members of the Blackmarrow Cult found in Fang Lair.


They can occasionally be heard speaking to their fellow cultists.

Blackmarrow Reanimator: "I can't wait until the master unveils his latest work."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "Enslaving a lich...think I'll cling to life a little longer."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "Eat something, before you're mistaken for a corpse."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "They've angered the master. Poor fools."

Other dialogue:

Blackmarrow Reanimator: "Enslaving a lich ... think I'll cling to life a little longer."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "It won't be long now. Power unseen for ages."

Heard during combat:

Blackmarrow Reanimator: "I hope the master lets me keep one of you."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "You'll regret crossing us. Forever."
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "Fear nothing, the master can mend even death!"
Blackmarrow Reanimator: "Don't let them interrupt the ritual!"

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