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Blackmarrow Harvester
Location Fang Lair
Race (?) Gender Varies
Health Normal58940Veteran191386
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult
A Blackmarrow Harvester

Blackmarrow Harvesters are members of the Blackmarrow Cult in Fang Lair that are trying to raise a dragon.


They can occasionally be heard making conversation with their fellow cult members:

Blackmarrow Harvester: "This place is vast. Old too. How much death you think this place has seen over the years?"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Tens of thousands. Without a doubt. These old Dwemer ruins were often cities in their own right in their time."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "Why all the fresh corpses then?"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Trouble is brewing. No time to excavate all those old bones."

Blackmarrow Revivifier: "What is this contraption? It doesn't look Dwemer."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "I think the Akaviri Potentates invented it during the Reman purges."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "What's it do?"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "It cuts off heads."

Blackmarrow Harvester : "I don't see why we need to stand guard."
Blackmarrow Dissector : "With things so close to completion, Lizabet's expecting trouble."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "There's no shortage of bones here up to the task."
Blackmarrow Dissector : "Can't trust it to mindless guardians, if the Scalecaller's minions come sniffing around."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "The who?"
Blackmarrow Dissector : "What tomb have you been buried under? Zaan. The Scalecaller. Our mortal enemy."
Blackmarrow Harvester : "Oh, uh—yeah I knew that … don't tell Lizabet."
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Conversation right before the Undead Menagerie:

Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "I have conjured up the spirits of countless beings. Some, truly ancient. Why is it the Dwemer never answer? Why can't I make them answer?"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "They aren't meant to return. Divine retribution."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "When I reach out I don't feel resistance. I feel nothing at all."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "The Void is beyond the reach of any mortal."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "Perhaps."

The Blackmarrow Harvesters will also shout out things during combat.

Blackmarrow Harvester: "Such supple skin!"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "Don't mar their hair! I want it!"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "You'll make a lovely corpse!"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "I wonder what we'll make from you."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "You get to die! Exciting!"
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