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Home City Stormhold
Location Coin Brothers' Cornerclub
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted

Black-Scale is an Argonian member of the Undaunted found at the Coin Brothers' Cornerclub in the city of Stormhold, along with Maela the Crone and Roaring Ramavel. You can buy a drink for him as part of the This One's On Me achievement.


Speaking to him when you're not Undaunted, Black-Scale will threaten you:

"Step away … step away, you … fool!
Or I'll make sure no one will ever remember your name! Because all they'll see is a fool who's been … beaten into the ground."

If you are Undaunted, he will have something to tell you for a drink:

"My wit's as quick as my blade.
Don't believe me? Buy me another drink and I'll show you."
What would you like to drink?
"You buy, I'll drink. I don't rightly care what it is."
This one's on me. [0LeveledLeveled Gold]
"Great. Thanks. What else you want? Oh. You want wit. My wit. Here goes―you can't spell Jyggalag without Wabbajack!
Wait. Yes. Yes, you can."

When you speak to he will have another witticism:

"I got another one ….
How many Undaunted does it take to cure the sickness that comes after a night at the tavern? Please, I need to know. By the Egg, I'm going to need to know in the morning."


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-food-Beer.png This One's On Me 15 Buy drinks for your Undaunted companions at each gathering.