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This character only appears during the New Life Festival event
Arnand Relippe
Location Skywatch Manor
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Arnand Relippe

Arnand Relippe is a Daggerfall Covenant ambassador encountered within Skywatch Manor during the quest Mud Ball Merriment. He is in talks with his fellow ambassadors Camore and Tolendos Dreloth in the dining room. Unfortunately for him, he is one of possible targets for mud ball related merriment.

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Arnand Relippe, victim

Amidst the literal mud-slinging, a serious matter is being discussed by the ambassadors which is as follows:

Camore: "Must we talk in circles?"
Arnand Relippe: "Don't evade the matter."
Tolendos Dreloth "You're one to talk."
Camore: "You're still bickering."
Arnand Relippe: "Like children, you mean?"
Tolendos Dreloth "You're the one to say it."
Camore: "Please. The matter at hand?"
Arnand Relippe: "You know my position."
Tolendos Dreloth "And you know mine."
Camore: "There is no common ground?"
Arnand Relippe: "Not without concessions."
Tolendos Dreloth "Yet you refuse to concede."
Camore: "Yet we must decide what to eat."
Arnand Relippe: "I voted for pork."
Tolendos Dreloth "And I voted for ash yams."

If you hit Arnand with a mud ball, he will say one of the following:

Arnand Relippe: "The High King will hear of this!"
Arnand Relippe: "What is this? Control your people, Camore!"
Arnand Relippe: "How dare you! I just bought this doublet."
Arnand Relippe: "Must you? Really, must you?"
Arnand Relippe: "Is that really necessary?"