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Adjunct Daro
Location The Shadow Cleft
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Adjunct Daro

Adjunct Daro is a Breton Apostle found outside The Shadow Cleft in the Clockwork City. He gives you a quest to enter a gloaming gate to Nocturnal's realm, through which his colleague, Acolyte Variah, ventured.

Once you're able to accept daily quests from Novice Holli, you may be assigned the quest A Shadow Misplaced at which time Holli will send you to speak to Daro about a missing apostle. If you speak to him, you'll find him on the upper floor of The Grand Depository, where he'll admit sending another colleague into The Shadow Cleft yet again.

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A Shadow Misplaced[edit]

If you speak to him, you'll find him on the upper floor of The Grand Depository, where he'll admit sending another colleague into The Shadow Cleft yet again:

"I sent another apostle into the Shadow Cleft and he hasn't returned. I'm worried.
Not only am I anxious about the fate of my colleague, I'm concerned about the disposition of his notes. Without them, his efforts will amount to nothing."
Why did you send another apostle into the Shadow Cleft?
"Who are you to question me? I'm one of Sotha Sil's Clockwork Apostles! Still, I suppose that's a fair question.
The Shadow Cleft represents a threat to the Clockwork City. We need every bit of information we can get if we're going to stop it."
Why is this place such a threat to you?
"Not to me personally, but to Clockwork City. The Father of Mysteries didn't construct this marvelous place just to have it fall into the hands of a Daedric Prince!
Novice Oscard showed such potential. I hate to think what's happened to him in there."
Why am I looking for notes? Doesn't Oscard use a tabulator?
"Oscard prefers to handle things using nothing but good, old-fashioned tools such as parchment and quills. Says they're more reliable than tabulators and sequence plaques.
Who knows? Maybe he's right. We can discuss it further after you find him."

After you freed Oscard and returned with his notes, Daro will say:

"Novice Oscard told me what you did. Thank you!"
And here are Oscard's research notes.
"Look at that! Actual paper, how quaint. In the meantime, take this for what you did for Novice Oscard and the Clockwork City.
May your pistons never clog and your gears spin freely, my friend!"

Again Into the Shadows[edit]

Find him in his usual place, and he'll say:

"I thought for sure that Khajiit from the Mages Guild could take care of herself. Now she's disappeared into the Shadow Cleft and taken one of our rare and valuable perception tabulators with her!"
Why did you send someone from the Mages Guild into the Shadow Cleft?
"What else was I supposed to do? She volunteered! I think she probably thought the portal could help her find her way back home, but she promised to return after making a thorough investigation. It's vital that I analyze the contents of her tabulator."
What's so important about her tabulator?
"The perception tabulator records details about every portion of the realm she visited. With that information, I can determine the nature of the realm and the reason it's attached itself to the Clockwork City.
At least, I'll be closer to an answer."

After rescuing Tadari, you can return to him and he'll say:

"Evoker Tadari told me what you accomplished in the Shadow Cleft. You have my thanks."
And here's the perception tabulator.
"Even better! With the information recorded in the device, we'll be able to analyze the realm in great detail. Take this for your efforts, with our thanks.
And may the Great Gear always spin in your general direction!"
"If the Clockwork Apostles had more people of your quality and worth, there wouldn't be anything we couldn't accomplish.
I look forward to working with you again sometime."

A Shadow Malfunction[edit]

Once more, speak to him in The Grand Depository:

"It happened again! This time an initiate entered the portal and failed to return. To make matters more dire, he forgot to take his perception tabulator with him. I'm afraid we're going to get nothing useful from this excursion."
Novice Holli gave me the tabulator. I agreed to go into the Shadow Cleft and perform the analysis.
"That's extraordinarily generous of you! I'm at a loss for words.
While you're in there, please try to find the initiate. He's still kind of raw and I'd hate for anything bad to happen to him."
Why did you send a lowly initiate into the Shadow Cleft?
"I had to send someone and you weren't available at the time. Besides, Initiate Favar had to take on a dangerous assignment eventually. He is one of the apostles, after all.
Now find Favar, take a few readings with the tabulator, and return to me."

Returning from the cleft, he'll say:

"I see that you returned, but where's Initiate Favar? More importantly, did you get the readings with the perception tabulator?"
Initiate Favar is dead, but here's the perception tabulator.
"Dead? I—I'm sorry to hear that. But at least you were able to complete his analysis of the shadow realm. Perhaps we'll be able to seal the portal now.
Take this. You earned it."