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Home City Shornhelm
Location Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Adelil is an exiled Nord vampire noblewoman hiding out in the Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge. She is the author of a written plea to King Emeric which is also found in the Outlaws Refuge. When spoken to, Adelil says one of the two following lines:

"Those high and mighty nobles of House Ravenwatch get to prance around like kings of the kingdom, while I hide out down here.
You do know they're all vampires, don't you? Well so am I! But that and a sack of gold won't get me out of this rat hole!"
"So I'm a vampire. So I drink living blood. I'm not a bad person!
Well, I'm not a very bad person. Why does the Guard want to put a stake through my heart? It's prejudice, pure and simple."
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