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Home Settlement Camp Tamrith
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Abadi is a Redguard member of the Shornhelm City Guard protecting the refugees from Crestshade at Camp Tamrith.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Blood-Splattered Shield[edit]

She is standing in Camp Tamrith, clearly wounded after the vampire attack.

"Did Countess Tamrith give you a poultice for me? I could use a little something to dull this pain."
Countess Tamrith asked me to give you this poultice.
"Thank you. This will help my wounded arm. The vampires … they attacked without warning. We lost a lot of good people today."
I need to find Captain Janeve.
"I saw her briefly. She was in the thick of things, fighting beside the rest of us. Then she ran off, chasing a dark cloud toward the river.
It must have been the Argonian necromancer. The Captain hates the dark arts and she can't wait to stop him."
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