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Restore the people and creatures of Shattered Grove.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Shattered Grove — Solve the mystery of the silent village of Shattered Grove.
Quest Giver: Merormo
Location(s): Shattered Grove
Prerequisite Quest: Silent Village
Reward: Binder's Robe
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Stop the source of the Daedric Corruption
Merormo senses that a powerful Daedra has wrested control of the animals. As long as the Daedra remains, Merormo won't free the villagers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Merormo.
  2. Find the cave.
  3. Talk to Anenwen.
  4. Kill the Daedra leader.
  5. Find Merormo in the village.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After watching the failed banishing ritual in Silent Village, Merormo will inform you that there is a powerful Daedra nearby. He thinks it dwells in a cave to the north of his tower and he wants you to dispatch it.

"There's a powerful Daedra nearby. I know it now. You have to kill it."
Do you have any idea where it is?
"A moment. I can feel something. There's a cave, north of here.
Whatever this monster is, dispatch it. And we can return the Grove to peace."
I'll meet you back in town as soon as I'm done.

A Surprising Survivor[edit]

A Surprising Survivor

Be careful when heading to the cave, as more and more animals appear the closer you get to it. When you do reach it, you find a Flame Atronach at the entrance, and a wounded Anenwen who can be found next to the body of a fellow apprentice. Talk with her to see how she is and what she knows.

"Stay back! This cave is filled with Daedra."
I know. Who are you again?
"Merormo leaves me here to die. And he doesn't even mention me?
Stars take him! I'll kill that traitor twice."
Traitor? What are you talking about?
"This debacle is all Merormo's fault! These beasts, controlled by Daedra? All his idea.
He was trying to create animal soldiers. Fanged shocktroops with the ability to reason."
It hasn't gone very well.
"No! It hasn't! Look, whatever's actually controlling these things, I think it's at the bottom of the cave.
I'm. Very woozy. Blood loss. I'll stay here, try to stay conscious."
And I'll take care of the puppetmaster. Be right back.

Anenwen warns you that the cave is full of Daedra, and reveals that the daedric possession of the beasts was caused by Merormo, who was attempting to create an army. Apparently, what's actually controlling the daedra is at the bottom of the cave.

Stopping the Daedra[edit]

The cave is populated by a few Flame Atronachs, and at the bottom of the cave you will find Akata, the Dremora that disrupting everything. Once she is defeated, return to Anenwen, who now appears to have recovered from her wounds and wants your help to confront Merormo who is back at the village.

"I heard … I heard the battle. Impressive.
I assume you won?"
The beast is dead. Can you walk?
"Stars, yes. Let's get that bastard. Merormo needs to pay for what he's done here."

Back to the Village[edit]

Merormo is captured by Anenwen

When you arrive at the village with Anenwen in tow, she will confront Merormo.

Anenwen: "Damn it, Merormo! You coward! Statues? Restore them now!"
Merormo: "I … I'll … of course."

Merormo reverses the petrification, but Anenwen isn't done yet—she traps him in magical chains prevent him from escaping.

Anenwen: "Good. Now to make sure you don't teleport away."

At this point, you have the option of talking to Merormo to get his explanation for his actions before speaking with Canonreeve Pinanande.

"Listen, you can't tell the canonreeve. She'll kill me.
I'm not—I'm not joking. She'll have me put to a blade."
Explain yourself. Why do all of this?
"My nephew. Yandir. Went off to join the fighting and—damn it! I just wanted to stop spending our blood. My sister will never be the same!"
How can Daedra ever save lives?
"It's not just the Daedra. It's the monoliths. I've studied them for years. Worked out how the magics pacify the beasts. But that's all the magic does. It turns beasts into mewling pets. Not combat troops!"
So the Daedra were to control the animals through the monoliths?
"Yes! The Flame Atronachs are essentially just raw Daedric energy given form. I summoned some, hulled them down, and poured them into the monoliths.
That creature in the cave was not in the plan."
Thank you for being honest.

Judgement Call[edit]

Help the Canonreeve make a judgement call

When you talk to the Canonreeve, she'll be confused and ask you what happened, and you can either tell her that Meroromo caused all the problems, or that he turned everyone to stone to protect them from the daedra.

"What? What just happened?"
The animals of the grove grew violent. To protect the village, Merormo turned everyone to stone.
"He did what? Why would he do that?"

The Stone Cold Truth[edit]

[Merormo Dies] It was all his fault. He summoned Daedra to influence the beasts.
"What? Do you have any idea of the seriousness of this accusation?"
You can ask his assistant Anenwen if you don't believe me.
"I can't believe—that little fool! With the Queen traveling the countryside! Do you have any idea what could happen if word that the Grove trucks with Daedra gets out?
If this is true, Merormo must die."

True to her word, she will immediately order his execution.

Canonreeve Pinanande: "Merormo, for your crimes against the laws of the Aldmeri Dominion and nature herself, you are hereby sentenced to death. Guards!"
Warden: "As you ordered, Canonreeve."
Merormo: "I don't want to d—"
Canonreeve Pinanande: "Justice is done."

A White Lie[edit]

[Merormo Lives] He was just trying to keep everyone safe.
"Hhmph. Mages. Fine, fine. Thank you for speaking with me."

In this case, you will have to speak with Merormo for your reward.

"Thank you. I heard what you said and—thank you."
I meant it. You were trying to save lives, right?
"I never meant for anyone to get hurt. And the lesson here is clear—Daedra are never the answer. I'll never attempt this kind of ritual again.
You probably hear this kind of thing all the time. But again, thank you, traveler."

Quest Stages[edit]

A Village Awakened
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find the cave where the Daedra is hiding.
Objective: Find the Cave
Outside the cave, I found a wounded woman near the body of a dead mage. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Anenwen
I learned that Merormo is responsible for unleashing the Daedra on the local wildlife. I need to enter the cave and kill the Daedric leader that resides there.
Objective: Kill Daedric Leader
I killed the monster. I should speak to Anenwen again.
Objective: Return to Anenwen
Now that the Daedric leader is dead, the animals should return to normal. I need to confront Merormo back in town about Anenwen's accusations.
Objective: Confront Merormo
I should watch and listen as Anenwen confronts Merormo about what happened here.
Objective: Watch Anenwen Confront Merormo
When Anenwen spoke to Merormo, he claimed his intentions were noble. I should speak to Canonreeve Pinanande. Perhaps I can influence what will happen to the misguided mage.
Objective: Speak to Canonreeve Penanande
Optional Step: Talk to Merormo
☑Finishes quest (If you told the canonreeve the truth)


Objective: (?)
☑Finishes quest (If you hid the truth from the canonreeve)

I spoke to Canonreeve Pinanande and told her that Merormo was just trying to help. I should speak to him for my reward.

Objective: Talk to Merormo
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