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This article lists all of the new creatures introduced by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in.

New Creatures[edit]


An Auroran

Aurorans are leveled Daedra from the realm of Meridia added by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in. They are commanded by Umaril the Unfeathered, and share his desire to destroy the Nine Divines. During the quest Umaril the Unfeathered, the Aurorans that you meet inside Garlas Malatar will continually be resurrected until the dark orb is destroyed.

Umaril the Unfeathered[edit]

Umaril the Unfeathered in the spiritual plane

Umaril the Unfeathered is an Ayleid sorcerer-king who once ruled Tamriel and enslaved the human population. Umaril is a "half-Elf", born of an Ayleid mother and a divine father. His alliance with Meridia granted him immortality: upon death, his spiritual form would live on and inevitably return. Thus, Umaril would "never know death". Umaril appeared similar to Meridia's Daedric servants, the Aurorans, though much larger. He favored "ruin-from-afar", preferring to send minions to attack and weaken his foes before he would risk direct combat.

Umaril was defeated by Pelinal Whitestrake at the start of the First Era during the human uprising against the Ayleids, their "Slavemasters", and the fall of the White-Gold Tower. While Umaril escaped death, he was cast adrift in the "waters of Oblivion", and many thousands of years passed before he could return to Mundus. His return at the end of the Third Era is to seek vengeance upon the Divines who had brought about his fall. Aurorans under his command desecrates the chapel of Dibella in Anvil, and later the chapel of Mara in Bravil.

In order to defeat Umaril, he must be conquered in both the physical and spiritual planes. The eight Crusader's Relics originally used by Pelinal can help to destroy Umaril's physical form, but in order to reach the spiritual plane, a ninth item is needed, namely The Blessing of Talos, bestowed by Talos (who was not yet one of the Divines when Pelinal fought Umaril). This blessing allows the Divine Crusader to follow Umaril into the spiritual plane, where a second battle must be fought to truly defeat Umaril.

For more information, see the article on Umaril the Unfeathered.

New Versions Of Creatures[edit]

Creature types originally from Oblivion, that have unique versions only found during Knights of the Nine.

Forest Guardian[edit]

OB-creature-Forest Guardian.jpg

The Forest Guardian is a large Brown Bear used by Kynareth to test those who claim themselves worthy of the Boots of the Crusader. It is encountered at the Grove of Trials, guarding Kynareth's Grotto during the quest Nature's Fury. Killing this bear will increase your infamy by one point. Its soul is leveled (L:+5).

Lord Berich Vlindrel[edit]

Lord Berich Vlindrel

Lord Berich Vlindrel is a gloom wraith added by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in. The evil form of Sir Berich, it is encountered in Underpall Cave while questing for the Sword of the Crusader (validating the rumor that Vlindrel's ghost was spotted along the nearby Orange Road). Its Nether Lich shader effect gives it a distinct glowing appearance.