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(RefID: 0000342E)
Location Hrota Cave
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level PC+1 Class Battlemage
RefID 0000342E BaseID 00002E9A
Other Information
Health 33 + (3+1.4)x(PC+0), PC=4-29
Magicka 113 + 7.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 15
Faction(s) Hrota Thieves

Idrolian is a Bosmer battlemage who is hiding out with her fellow thieves in Hrota Cave, just north of Anvil. A Bosmer of few words, she will attack you on sight and force you to kill her.

Idrolian wears a belted vest and a pair of light boots. She has a 50% chance of having a helmet, gauntlets, a shield and 2 pairs of light greaves, both of which have a 50% chance of appearing. She is armed with a leveled melee weapon and carries belted braies, braided leather sandals, and a small amount of gold.

Being a battlemage, Idrolian knows the standard level-dependent spells associated with her class. She can cast major and minor Destruction spells, major Alteration spells, major Mysticism spells, major Conjuration spells (excluding Bound Armor), and minor Restoration spells.

Idrolian waits just past the largest chamber of Hrota Cave all day and night, without sleeping or eating. She will attack on sight without explanation, and will accept no yield. Defeating her is necessary to advance the quest Den of Thieves for the Fighters Guild.

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