Morrowind:Search for Her Father's Amulet

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Aid Satyana to find her father's amulet in the Arenim Ancestral Tomb.
Quest Giver: Satyana in the Arenim Ancestral Tomb
Location(s): Arenim Ancestral Tomb
Reward: Sword of Agustas, optional Augustus' Amulet
Disposition: +15 (Satyana)
ID: MS_ArenimTomb
The Amulet is somewhere inside.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Satyana in the Arenim Ancestral Tomb.
  2. Defeat a skeleton.
  3. Give her Augustus' Amulet, or keep it.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Search for Her Father's Amulet[edit]

This quest actually starts and ends in the Arenim Ancestral Tomb, to the east and slightly south from the Erabenimsun Camp, along the coast. Once you enter the tomb you'll encounter the woman Satyana to whom you should speak. Apparently the tomb is her family's and she is looking for her father's amulet, asking you for some help.

Find the Amulet[edit]

Accept and she will follow you around the tomb, aiding you in combat. The door to the final room of the tomb is locked; the key can be found in the room on the far side of the tomb from it, laying near the hand of a skeletal corpse along with a low-level helmet and spear. Within the locked room you'll find Augustus' Amulet (and the Sword of Agustas  [sic]) on a skeleton. If you refuse to help her, Satyana will become very upset and attack you. If you collect the amulet before talking to Satyana, she will speak to you automatically upon your return.

Deal with the Impostor, One Way or Another[edit]

At this point, Satyana will demand the amulet. If you refuse, she will admit that she is not of any relation to the deceased but that she "must have that amulet" and will attack you. If you give her the amulet she will continue to follow you around the tomb, helping you kill and loot; if you change your mind and decide you do want the amulet after all, you can kill her and take it from her corpse.


  • You may get no response when you try to give her the amulet or tell her you are keeping it; and re-opening dialogue with her will keep prompting you to give or keep the amulet. This bug may only affect OpenMW. The solution is to set the appropriate quest stage manually, though if you do quest stage 100 to give her the amulet, it will remain in your inventory. If you're a stickler, you can click on her in the Console and do AddItem,amulet_agustas_unique,1, followed by player->RemoveItem,amulet_agustas_unique,1. ?

Note: This has been fixed and no longer present with the latest OpenMW version.

  • If Satyana dies before you retrieve the amulet, you will be unable to complete the quest. You can force the quest to complete with the console command Journal, "MS_ArenimTomb", 110 ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Search for Her Father's Amulet (MS_ArenimTomb)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Satyana in the Arenim Tomb asked if I would help her find her father's amulet.
50 I agreed to help Satyana find her father's amulet. She said the door to Agustus Arenim's tomb was locked, but his partner had a key. His partner is also buried somewhere in this tomb. Satyana will stick with me and help as much as she can.
100 ☑Finishes quest I gave Satyana her father's amulet. She thanked me and said I could keep anything else I found here in the Arenim Tomb.
110 ☑Finishes quest Satyana attacked me when I refused to help her find her father's amulet.