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Dinok (dinok)
Location Shulk Egg Mine, outside
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 5 Class Miner
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 66
Alarm 75 Fight 30

Dinok is a Redguard miner located outside the Shulk Egg Mine just southwest of Balmora. He has some advice about the different types of kwama and may give you some scrib jelly.

He wears a common shirt, with matching pants and shoes. He carries a miner's pick, has a 30% chance of carrying a small or large kwama egg, and carries up to 20 gold. Like all Redguards, he has a natural resistance to poison and disease, and can boost his health, strength, agility and endurance for a short period of time; otherwise he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]

  • Egg Poachers: Get rid of two poachers in the Shulk Egg Mine.

Imperial Cult[edit]


  • Greeting:
"I'm a miner in the Shulk Eggmine, but I'm just out here taking a break."
  • egg poachers:
"Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas used to work here. Not good people. Could be hiding anywhere in the mine."

After you kill the poachers:

"We've had no problems with missing eggs since you took care of the poachers."
  • scrib jelly:
(Disposition at least 50) "You want scrib jelly for the Imperial cult? For cure poison potions, I suppose. Here. I have a little bit left from my shift." (You receive 1 scrib jelly)
(Disposition at least 30) "I gave you all I have." (You receive 1 scrib jelly)


  • Dinok will give you another unit of scrib jelly each time you talk to him about it, contradicting the line of dialogue.