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The Witch Tree

The Witch Tree is a mysterious sentient tree found in Ghast's Pass, a mountain pass in the Bend'r-mahk region of Hammerfell, north of Azra's Crossing. It can speak cryptically through the rustling of leaves, and can also move its roots to communicate.

Some time after the school at the Agea Relle in Rivenspire was abandoned to undead and Daedra in the early Second Era,[1] the seven Star Teeth became dispersed throughout the region. One of the crystals ended up in Ghast's Pass, where the Witch Tree grew around it.

In 3E 397, the shadowmage Skelos Undriel sent the Soul of Conflict on a quest to recover the Star Teeth, and suggested that the hero speak to the Witch Tree. Sympathizing with the hero's "struggle with shadow", the tree tasked the hero with helping nearby people before finally sending the hero to face Pergan Asuul and recover a Shadowkey. When the hero subsequently presented the key, the tree's bark cracked due to a fierce inner light before peeling back to reveal the Star Tooth.[2]

The source of the Witch Tree's sentience is unknown. The Hist are also a species of sentient tree, who have also been known to communicate through the wind.[3] It is unknown what became of the tree after the Star Tooth was removed.

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