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Pergan Asuul
SK-npc-Pergan Asuul.jpg
Pergan Asuul circa 3E 397
Race Unknown Gender Male
Appears in Shadowkey

Pergan Asuul was a malevolent shadowmage who rose to prominence some time before the Imperial Simulacum. He strove to take the place of Azra Nightwielder, the original Shadowmage.[1] He had the ability to read a person from the "taste" of their shadow. He was eventually destroyed in 3E 397 after three incarnations.

During the Imperial Simulacrum, a Shadow of Conflict (or Umbra' Keth) formed due to the conflict caused by the ongoing War of the Bend'r-mahk. Pergan sought to control the creature, which had taken form deep within the Crypt of Hearts. In 3E 397 he invaded the Twilight Temple in Hammerfell, driving off the resident goblin tribe using shadow magic and zombie minions. However, Pergan was not the only mage interested in gaining control of the Umbra' Keth; Jagar Tharn, Imperial Battlemage and pretender to the Ruby Throne, plotted to use the creature for his own ends.

Pergan had placed a magical barrier around a section of Earthtear Caverns in Hammerfell, guarded by undead minions. The Soul of Conflict, a questing hero, stumbled into this barrier; Pergan permitted entry into the guarded section of the cave, and spoke to the hero when his minions were slain. The hero later entered the Twilight Temple on a quest to somehow destroy the Umbra' Keth, and was attacked by Pergan. The shadowmage fell in battle, but as he died, he prophesied that the two would clash twice more.[2]

Pergan rose from the dead, and journeyed to the stronghold of Lakvan, a bandit boss from Skyrim. Tharn attempted to dissuade Lakvan from working with Pergan in an effort to slow his progress towards claiming the Umbra' Keth.[3] As Pergan predicted, the Soul of Conflict came to Lakvan's stronghold, and the two fought once again. Through this continuing conflict, Pergan planned to further strengthen the Umbra' Keth at his own expense. Before dying, Pergan accidentally revealed that the anonymous shadowmage who had been aiding the hero was, in fact, Azra Nightwielder. Upon hearing his name, Azra regained his memories.[2]

In his final incarnation, Pergan entered the Crypt of Hearts and awaited the arrival of the Soul of Conflict. The two fought for the final time, but Pergan succeeded in his plan: by repeatedly battling, he had strengthened the Umbra' Keth. Despite this, the hero used the power of the seven Star Teeth to destroy the monster.[2]


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