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"The Rules of Engagement govern the affairs of gentlemen. But you, a rebel in arms, a traitor to the Emperor, and a threat to the Emperor's peace… All you have earned is summary execution." -Amiel Richton ca. 2E 864
Lord-Admiral Amiel Richton
Lord-Admiral Amiel Richton
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 2E 816
Died 2E 864
Stros M'Kai
Resided in Hammerfell
Appears in Redguard

Lord-Admiral Richton was the Imperial Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai and Admiral of the Imperial New West Navy in 2E 864. He was born of Colovian descent in 2E 816, the Richtons were a minor noble family from Colovia near the Strid river who supported Cuhlecain when he began his bid for the Ruby Throne.[1]

Richton's military career began under Cuhlecain, most likely being around 2E 852, when the Tiber Wars had begun. He quickly distinguished himself as a captain in the New West Navy in its campagin against pirates in the Abecean Sea. This success was noted and he rose through the ranks quickly, with him commanding a squadron in the Battle of the Bjoulsae where Wayrest's naval power was crushed in a surprise dawn attack. Richton became an Admiral after the Admiral Vasi Hadrach was assassinated by a rebellious Reachman in a brothel in Daggerfall. His crowning achievement came during the invasion of Hammerfell, where he led the New West Navy to victory over Prince A'tor's fleet in the Battle of Hunding Bay.[1]

Richton was very close with Tiber Septim, Septim himself appointed Lord Richton as Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai, with orders to clear the waters of pirates and to guard the strategic Cape of the Blue Divide against the Second Aldmeri Dominion to the south. Septim also warned Richton to not underestimate Richton's bodyguard Dram.

Richton was generally disliked by his new subjects, largely because he was responsible for the death of their Prince and the occupation and partial destruction of their city, along with smaller issues like his new taxes and refusal to let almost anyone in the Palace.[2]

In 2E 864, three months after his appointment of Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai, the Sload N'Gasta had the Redguard Cyrus deliver an amulet to Richton as thanks for the "generous" killing (therefore capturing souls in the necromancer's soul snare) and his policy of not intervening in the necromancer's activities. Upon arriving at the palace, Cyrus gave Richton the amulet but kept attempting to interrogate him, this led to Cyrus threating Richton, and Richton ordering his guards to arrest Cyrus. These guards were struck down, Richton then ordered Dram to execute Cyrus, but Dram convinced him to let the Redguard live as he could be useful.[3] Later on, as the palace and docks were being attacked by the Restless League, Richton and Dram had intended to evacuate on an Imperial owned Dwemer airship, with Richton calling Stros M'kai "expendable" and that he would return at the head of a fleet and the Emperor's legions. This proved fruitless however as Cyrus managed to board the airship, Richton mocked surrender to lower Cyrus's defenses, so that Dram could sneak behind him, however, the Soul Sword cut down Dram and then stabbed Richton in the chest, killing him.[4]




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