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The Cult of Emperor Zero was a cult dedicated to the worship of Cuhlecain, the Emperor Zero. The cult was founded by Tiber Septim in the Second Era and by 2E 864 the cult had become one of the most famous in Nibenay.

Cuhlecain was worshipped for his wisdom, notably when he appointed Talos (who later became known as Tiber Septim) as a general. He was also venerated for his bravery, as shown by his actions during the battle for the Imperial City. The aspect of the Emperor Zero was shaped in the palace gardens of the Imperial Palace so to provide advice to Tiber Septim, similarly to the aspects of other former emperors.[1]

In 3E 433, there was a tower located south of Bravil known as the Temple of the Emperor Zero. Its only occupant was the Court Mage of Castle Bravil, Fathis Aren, who was a member of the cult.[2]


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