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The Brass Fortress
Type Settlement
Realm Mundus
Plane Clockwork City
Appears in ESO, Legends
The Brass Fortress, circa 2E 583

The Brass Fortress is near the center of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City, and provides safety for people from the dangers of the Radius. Both are inhabited by Fabricants, Factotums, and people.[citation needed]

Upon entering the Brass Fortress, one is greeted by a towering statue of Sotha Sil as well as an impressive skyline of the city with buildings towering to the sky.[citation needed] Around the statue lies a market square, the local inn, bank, and various other things that service the people of the fortress.[citation needed] To the north lies the Clockwork Basilica, where the Clockwork Apostles conduct their research.[citation needed] To the east side of the city lies the slums of Slag Town and houses the Tarnished and east of that lies the Machine District which contains the Fabricant production plant known as the Incarnatorium.[citation needed] To the west of the Fortress is the Reactor District.[citation needed] It contains the Asylum Sanctorum, used to seal the Dunmer Saints Felms, Llothis, and Olms as their clockwork vessels caused them to turn mad overtime.[citation needed]



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