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This article lists all of the standard clothing and jewelry added by the Dragonborn expansion.


Name (ID) Type Weight Value Notes
SR-icon-clothing-BlackRobes.png Black Robes
Robes 1 5
SR-icon-clothing-Boots9.png Boots
Shoes 1 4
SR-icon-clothing-Clothes6(f).png Child's Clothes
Clothes 1 4
  • These are worn by Aeta.
DB-icon-clothing-Cultist Boots.png Cultist Boots
Shoes 1 25
DB-icon-clothing-Cultist Robes.png Cultist Robes
Robes 1 331
DB-icon-clothing-Dunmer Outfit (Yellow).png
DB-icon-clothing-Dunmer Outfit (Blue).png
DB-icon-clothing-Dunmer Outfit (Red).png
Dunmer Outfit
Clothes 2 75
DB-icon-clothing-Dunmer Shoes.png Dunmer Shoes
Shoes 2 25
  • The enchantment type for the shoes is incorrectly assigned to use body enchantments.
SR-icon-clothing-PartyBoots.png Fine Boots
Shoes 1 25
SR-icon-clothing-FineClothes1.png Fine Clothes
Robes 1 35
SR-icon-clothing-Shoes1.png Shoes
Shoes 0 2
  • These are worn by Aeta.
DB-icon-clothing-Telvanni Robes.png Telvanni Robes
Robes 2 75
  • Enchantment: Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts
  • These are worn by Ildari Sarothril.
  • When worn by male characters, they appear the same as those worn by Neloth; however on female characters they display heart stone straps and bloodstains seen when Ildari wears them.
DB-icon-clothing-Telvanni Shoes.png Telvanni Shoes
Shoes 0 1073
DB-icon-clothing-Temple Priest Boots.png Temple Priest Boots
Shoes 1 25
DB-icon-clothing-Temple Priest Hood.png Temple Priest Hood
Hood 2 25
DB-icon-clothing-Temple Priest Robes.png Temple Priest Robes
Robes 2 75


Name (ID) Type Weight Value Notes
DB-icon-jewelry-East Empire Pendant.png East Empire Pendant
Necklace 0.5 25
  • Found in East Empire Company strongboxes throughout Solstheim. A list of all locations can be found here.
  • Can be sold to Fethis Alor for the repeatable quest Pain in the Necklace.
  • Unique jewelry is documented separately. A list can be found on this page.
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