Daggerfall:Wayrest/Service Detail/Mages Guilds

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Guildhall with this Quality Level
0 1 2 3 4
Aldingbridge Moor Yes
Arkidge Yes
Arkshire Yes
Arkwold Court Yes
Blackcroft Yes
Broadborne Yes
Broadwold Yes
Burgbeth Yes
Burgcart Yes
Cathlech Yes
Cathwold Hamlet Yes
Chesterwark Court Yes
Crommoth Garden Yes
Crossdale Yes
Eastbrone Yes
Easttale Yes
Eastwark Yes
Eastwold Yes
Galloing Garden Yes
Galloing Hamlet Yes
Gallomont Yes
Graybrugh Yes
Grimdale Moor Yes
Grimleigh Minster Yes
Holhead Court Yes
Holshire Rock Yes
Holwick Yes
Ipsdale Yes
Kirkmarket Yes
Knightsbrugh Yes
Lamwold Yes
Longbury Yes
Longham Garden Yes
Merhope Hall Yes
Merwark Hollow Yes
Midwall Borough Yes
Newvale Yes
Oxvale Borough Yes
Penbridge Yes
Penwall Derry Yes
Reyford Moor Yes
Ripford Yes
Singdale Yes
Singtower Commons Yes
Stokmarket Yes
Stokworth Minster Yes
Tamgate Yes
Tunbury Yes
Tunmarket Yes
Tunmont Yes
Vanlech Court Yes
Vantown Yes
Warmore Yes
Wayrest Yes
Westwall Heath Yes
Whitewich Heath Yes
Total 8 12 10 10 16