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Daedra Lord

Daedra Lords, like Daedra Counts, can be very dangerous in combat. Their continuous damage spells are particularly deadly and their melee attacks are nearly as strong as the Daedra Counts', so it is best to try to attack from a distance. They are quite intelligent as well and may be willing to give you information, but are likely to attack you once the conversation ends.

150 500 90 90 80 70 70 90 80 80
Location Level 6, Level 7
Spells Major All Elements, Medium Continuous Damage

Level 7: Dagon's Hunting Lodge Dialogue[edit]


Come, manling. We hear you are quite the tough little thing. Our Lord says you shall not pass. Would you yield?

Player Response Result
You must be kidding? To you? Are you the best Lord Dagon can rustle up to defend his private Lodge? Wow. Things must be really falling apart here. Reply 1
Oh, sure. I would yield. Except I don't trust you to honor my surrender. And I doubt my life is worth a parcel of sausages unless I splatter you and all your pals across the landscape. But otherwise, sure, I would be PROUD to yield. Reply 1
No. Never. Reply 1

Reply 1[edit]

Good. Our orders are to kill you if you won't yield. Admirably simple and straightforward. So. Don't make me chase you about please. Just stand here and die like a good little rabbit.

Player Response Result
You know, if you just weren't such a tedious jerk, I would really regret spoiling those boyish good looks by KICKING your TEETH down your THROAT! END &LordMad
By all the Powers, I dedicate each righteous thump and buffet upon your lousy carcass to the departed spirits of those who died defending Battlespire. END &LordMad


[[He watches you eagerly, fidgeting with his weapon, but says nothing.]]

[[Without a word, he glares at you and brandishes his weapon.]]

[[He watches you coolly, but says nothing.]]