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Daedra Count

Daedra Counts are formidable, highly intelligent foes. They can cast a variety of spells, but their continuous damage spells are especially dangerous and can quickly sap your healing reserves. You may be able to dodge these spells by hiding behind an obstacle, such as another foe. Daedra Counts also have powerful melee attacks, so it is generally safest to use ranged attacks. If you speak with them, they may offer up some useful information, but will likely attack you.

300 500 100 100 100 90 80 100 80 90
Location Level 7
Spells Major All Elements, Major Continuous Damage

Level 7: Dagon's Hunting Lodge Dialogue[edit]


"You [sic] are good. Yet you are tired, reserves exhausted. And we are fresh. And very good. Those you have defeated? We are their masters, and greater by far than you have seen.

Player Response Result
I am not diminished. I will prevail. Reply 1
All this may be true. What is your point? Reply 1
This is all of no account. We are enemies. The only speech I will hear from you is your surrender. I would even spare you if you were to clear from my path, though I know duty to your Lord forbids you that path. Now, lay on, and cursed be he who first cries, Hold! END &CountMad

Reply 1[edit]

You are flesh, and mortal. Do not, in your pride, perish, and pass away forever. While there is still a chance of your success, no matter how slim, we know you must struggle. But when all hope is gone, and death is upon you, yield to us. We will guard you well, for you are a prize of great value.

Player Response Result
Thank you, but pride and honor forbids that I might yield. Come. Let us try our arms. END &CountYield
I mark your words, but I know not your honor, nor the honor of your Lord, and would not test it by yielding up my life and arms. Reply 2

Reply 2[edit]

Yes. We know of the treachery of Egahirn, and are shamed by his false actions. Yet consider. Though we will be praised as your conqueror, be you quick or dead, still our fame increases if you honor us by becoming our ransom. Even if our honor is stained, reason proves our interest in preserving you whole to our glory.

Player Response Result
I will consider your words. But now we must return to our contest of arms, upon which rests both our fortunes. END &CountYield

Greeting 2[&CountYield][edit]

Have you considered our offer? Would you yield to us?

Player Response Result
No. I would not yield. Will you give way? Reply 3
Yes. I will yield, on the condition that my life, and the life of my companion, are spared. Reply 4

Reply 3[edit]

We will not give way.

Player Response Result
Then only by our weapons may we resolve our dispute. END &CountMad

Reply 4[edit]

I can speak for your life, upon my own honor, but not for the life of your companion, which is in my Lord's hands.

Player Response Result
Then I cannot yield. Our fight is to the death. END &CountMad
Then I must be satisfied with my own life. I lay down my arms and armor, and yield to you. 01-50: Reply 5
51-00: Reply 6 DropReadyWeapon AND UNEQUIPARMOR

Reply 5[edit]

I accept your surrender. And your part in this affair is now done. You have not prevailed, yet you stand outnumbered and overpowered, and are not shamed. We honor you, and accept your arms with pride.

Player Response Result
I wish it were otherwise. But here is an end. END ENDFRAME_1057

Reply 6[edit]

I accept your surrender. And now will execute upon you Middle Justice, as is the right of our station. We condemn you to die for making war upon our sovereign Lord. Heh-heh-heh.

Player Response Result
I suspected your treachery, perfidious dog. Now you face a desperate foe, and greatly will I savor your destruction and humiliation. END


  • [[He watches you solemnly, but says nothing.]]
  • [[Without a word, he glares at you and brandishes his weapon.]]
  • [[He regards you with respect, but says nothing.]]