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"You enter Eldenroot, center of the Wood Elven nation. The elves here seem friendly and you are hailed in welcome. You overhear that the City-State's commerce is going well..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Eldenroot
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Valenwood
The location of Eldenroot in Valenwood
Yellow pog.png
The location of Eldenroot in Valenwood

Eldenroot is a city-state located in central Valenwood. The ruler is Queen Ulandra. Its rivals are Greenheart and Silvenar.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Elden Grove: The Elden Grove, where the first tree is said to have come from, holds a piece of the Staff.


  • Black Dungeon
  • Blue Castle
  • Blue Giants
  • Blue Ogre
  • Crimson Dungeon
  • Dancing Giants
  • Dancing Sword
  • Gold Golem
  • King's Dagger
  • Laughing Chasm
  • Laughing Eagle
  • Queen's Bird
  • Red Guard
  • Restless Pit
  • Rusty Golem
  • White Guard
  • White Pit
  • Brotherhood of Gideon
  • Brotherhood of War
  • Conclave of Charity
  • Conclave of Faith
  • Conclave of Justice
  • Conclave of Solitude
  • Conclave of Temperance
  • Conclave of the One
  • Order of the Knights of Hope
  • Bargain Gear Store
  • <random>'s Professional Tool Store
  • <random>'s Quality Merchandise
  • <random>'s Quality Equipment Store
  • <random>'s Weaponry Store
  • The Adventurer's Gear Store
  • The city-state Sundries
  • Unearthed Equipment Store


  • Eldenroot is a possible starting location for Wood Elves.