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I figured I'd comment on details here rather than clog up the AN with more obscure template stuff that nobody else is likely to understand ;) Overall, looks like you've got the gist of the new features -- pretty impressive based on my minimal explanations!

  • You've started realizing some of the other applications of save/load, obviously! I've wondered how far we want to take it... and at some point there are also questions of whether to integrate CS data directly through a database. Just when you thought I'd suggested enough ways to disrupt the site :P
  • The way I'd been using cleanspace, the closing tag would come right before cleantable -- otherwise it will strip out necessary linebreaks from within the table.
  • Yes, 1st-4th should end up being stripped when appropriate. I've got the cleantable tag working now, and had something very similar in a testcase.
    • cleantable specifically looks for <td>..</td> tags that are either empty or just contain an unresolved variable (e.g., text such as {{{eff1link}}}, even after all variable substitution has been done). It assumes that any <th>..</th> tags in the line are header-type entries that should be stripped if the "real" cells are empty.
    • In this case, if all four effect rows were empty, it would also strip the Alchemy Effects row: that's identified as the header row because it has colspan=4 in it ("4" being the maximum value used for colspan anywhere in the table, and therefore assumed to be a box that's the full width of the table).
    • One minor quirky thing I've been experimenting with is entering variables as {{{efflink1}}} rather than {{{efflink1|}}} -- at least for the final variables that are used in the text, not the variables that are used as input for #define statements. I think it makes the template page (as it appears after you save it) a bit more useful. However, it's probably something to think about more once you and other editors can see how things work in practice.

BTW, I'm in IRC today in case that's easier way to bounce around ideas about this stuff. --NepheleTalk 13:13, 22 March 2009 (EDT)