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Ur...what's up?[edit]

Hi, I'm ZanderX, I don't have Arena or Daggerfall. Only Oblivion for Xbox 360 and Morrowind for Xbox. I have beaten Morrowind, I'm a level 23 Dunmer, and I have my own enchanted daedric battle axe called Frostbite Battle Axe. 50 pts frost damage on touch, cast when strikes. I beat Vivec and didn't save![verification needed -- This page needs to be sure about what it is saying before it says it, or it will get in BIG trouble.] Yeah! Woot! Cool! Yeah!

And Oblivion. I'm level 27. Got it a few weeks ago, and I've finished every questline (I have GOTY Oblivion) except KotN.

I will do my best (which isn't very good) to contribute to the UESPWiki.

Odd Stuff[edit]

I am teh biggest noob ever. Soem poeplz nede, to get, thier speling, and gremmer, correct.

I ask way too many questions, too.

Internal Links[edit]

  • Sandy. Sandboxy!
  • W.E.A.S.H - What Every Adventurer Should Have, WEASH is a article in several parts which states what I think every half-decent adventurer on the island of Vvardenfell should have. Each section is given a what level to do this rating, where it is, what it is, a difficulty rating, and a rating for how good the section was. Post what you think on WEASH's talk page.