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I played Oblivion and now play Skyrim obsessively (is there any other way?) on the PC and am constantly amazed at the depth and reach of this created world. I'm an atypical player, being female and over the age of 50; but then, that makes me pretty much atypical everywhere except a knitting circle, so the gaming world isn't that much of a shock for me.

My gaming philosophy is much like the old LucasArts games: I don't play to die. I also don't play to lose, since I can do that by going back into the real world. Consequently, I use every cheat code I can and rejoice in enlightened publishers who build them into games.

I always treat others on the Wiki with courtesy, restraint, and encouragement. How else is rational discourse possible? I have little patience with contributors who write bad English and then defend it furiously, as though the right to be inarticulate was guaranteed by the Constitution; all the same, if you're determined to wave the flag of belligerent ignorance, I won't fight you. More than once. Most of the time.