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  • I'm not a native english speaker. Deal with it, and thank you for correcting my errors.
  • I play on a computer that is below the minimal specs. That may result in glitches and errors I'll report that are simply result of that, and my performance-improving tweaks and hacks. That may also result in articles about tweaking the game to speed it up on such machines.
  • I'm a hardcore RPG gamer. All the dumbing down, artificial limitations, invisible walls, forcing me to do things the way authors intended angers me greatly. Sorry for obscenities, sarcasm, hate, etc. that may appear in my articles related to these topics. I can't help it. Feel free to edit.
  • I'm also a great fan of horses, so excuse my bias please.
  • I'm a novice to the wiki stuff, excuse me for mistakes with it.