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I'm Vethrian, a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series. I mainly enjoy helping people out in the Oblivion section of the Official Elder Scrolls forum. If you need anything, you can contact me there.

Mini Oblivion FAQ[edit]

A collection of things that many new players ask frequently. Mainly on the forums.

The real story, revealed at last.
  • The Poisoned Apple cure for the PC is player.removespell 9617
  • Alchemy is a great way to make gold.
  • You cannot sell houses.
  • Mannimarco is not a Lich in Oblivion. See image at right.
  • The console cure for Vampirism: player.additem 9812D 1
  • Duping is still possible after the 1.2 patch, use scrolls.
  • PC: Make sure KOTN is the last DLC to load.
  • Rockmilk Cave for weapons and armor.
  • Robber's Glen Cave for enchanted jewelry.
  • Use Mandrake Root for cure disease. Don't bother making a potion.
  • Master alchemy apparatus cannot be bought.