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My name is Twilot Spankle. I am a writer, artist, and sometimes coder on a good day. I have no life and spend most of it reading up on TES.

About Me[edit]

I do many things within the community, I am present on #UESPWiki, #ElderScrolls, and #Tamriel on under the username of "Ota" or "Twilot". I write minor fanfiction, and I also write for TESLore which is mostly "Letters" and a number series, one includes "Getting it Straight" and and many more coming soon. Lastly, I also do photoshops, and typically post them on /r/TrueSTL. You can find all my works through my username /u/twilot_spankle

I love The Elder Scrolls. Every game and the lore all have a special place in my heart, and this community is just as great. I have been browsing UESP for many years, and involved in the UESP IRC chat, and I am happy to have finally signed up and will now become active in the UESP forums.

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