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Please critique![edit]

I am really interested in getting to grips with proper Wiki editing, and I love both the Elder Scrolls and uesp which has helped me out with many a quest obstacle, horrible game bug or general existential crisis with regards to whether I am a true Nord or just another Imperial milk drinker. Therefore please feel free to give me a grilling on my pages and if at all possible point me in the right direction if I'm making obvious mistakes.

T H R E E P W O O D[edit]

I'm still fairly new here, so I'm doing a lot of question-asking before diving in to make changes. As such you might see me pop up on a few talk pages asking annoying questions.

My aim in the real world is to be a writer/editor and I'm fairly good at both, if a bit green when it comes to good Wiki formatting. My specialty here will probably be fleshing out character bios and detailed walkthroughs; hunting for ways to improve consistency and logical flow for people who, like me, like to explore uesp and the lore of Elder Scrolls; and making sure that any assumptions made about characters or historical events are backed up with canonical references, and not represented as 'fact' when the facts are not clear. Maybe I should get a job at a university as a dissertation assistant...

Currently working on (Skyrim)[edit]

- If my suggestion on the Lore: Gods talk page meets approval, I'd like to clean up the Gods entries in terms of the links between gods of one race's religion and their equivalents in the other. However as this is a big change I'd like opinions!
- If/when my Dengeir of Stuhn expansion passes muster, I may start work on fleshing out other Falkreath residents. For no other reason than the fact that I liked Dengeir's character and through that process discovered that many other Falkreath residents are a little sparse.
- I have been transcribing books/letters from the Hearthfire plugin, but it's hellish tedious and I just realised there's probably going to be a way to get it out of the Construction Set when the PC version is released. Grief of an earnest newbie with an old, old computer.
- Sandboxing to get used to wiki formatting.
- General tidying - my spelling, vocab and grammar have always been my strong points. Works wonders on the ladies. - Remembering to sign my damn talk page posts...


User:Threepwood87/Sandbox - transcription of Beginner's guide to homesteading


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