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Stuff about my real life[edit]

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hello im thedrunknord im going to be on the site very least ( maybe a month) my name is John Shelton anyway back to my history i joined UESP about in December 09 i was looking up shady sam and found this site later in December 09 i finally got the courage to join up ever since then i have all the information i need  ! my favorite animal is a wolly mommoth and my and favorite band is nickleback back to the main subject this is my source for all information sometimes i go to to for video's well,these is my characters! Oh and if you need any help with quest from oblivion,the shivering isles and/or knights of the nine feel free to ask i am currently going down on active users found at this link here my test score is 1,775 and im a well balaned UESPwikian :) if you want to take the test you can take it Here IM NOT GOING TO BE ON THE WIKI ANYMORE --User:thedrunknord Q@A

Mt favorite games[edit]

Call of duty MW 2 8/10

Call of duty world at war 10/10

Call of duty MW4 9/10

oblivion 20!!/10

Fallout 3 10/10

Call of duty: black ops 10/10

My Characters[edit]

my characters are a big fan of roleplay

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cody a lvl 14 male breton he's champion of the arena and his home is dive rock where i live with the Adoring fan... hehehehe anyway,he's master of the fighters giuld and divine crusader he likes fighting and spellcasting since his class is spellsword his favorite city is chorrol but likes anvil at sunset people like him very much because he has a fame of 57 and 0 infamy

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zack a lvl 31 male argonian listener of the dark brotherhood and the gray fox his favorite city is anvil and is currently living at relmyna's santuary he tortures the victems for relmyna and is relmyna's bodygaurd he loves torturing the victims and stays at the santuary 24/7 always by relmyna's side but recently hes been in cyrodil trying to finish the main quest then hes going to role play as an protecter of the chorrol countess

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Hero of Kvatch a lvl 10 Male Bosmer Blade member who wheres his kvatch armor but sometimes he wheres his dragon armor he recently killed seridur and became a member of the virtuous Blood he saved the world and he lives at S'thrad's House but recently i saved the game and it crashed :( and that was the only save i had on him so hes gone foreever

My Favorite characters[edit]

J'skar S'drassa(The Character!) Areldur

Users I Like[edit]

Rpeh goblin lair S'drassa


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