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About Me[edit]

I am not a real fanatic with the game (although I do find it very addictive and enjoyable). Nor am I a particularly active on the wiki, I just drop in for game info and occasionally check for grammar and spelling errors, although I have also made two roleplaying articles. I have been playing Oblivion for a while now and the Shivering Isles expansion for not that long. I play only recreationally and don't get really serious about my level or anything. I have recently purchased the GOTY edition of Oblivion for PC and have fallen in love with the console and the construction set (now I can live wherever I damn well please!). I have currently been working on several new home mods, one or two of which may one day be uploaded somewhere, although they are all a little dirty because of the tedious door system ( No I don't want my new house's front door to be in the Abandoned Mine!).

I recently purchased a copy of Morrowind GOTY edition to get me through Oblivion droughts (my brother owns the xbox and the only PC in the house new enough to run Oblivion). So far I've been enjoying it rather a lot although dear lord I HATE cliff racers so much, and having come from Oblivion to Morrowind, being slaughtered in the space of five seconds by a bandit because the cave is for higher levels (than *cough*...1)is still somewhat surprising.

My Name[edit]

So, I suppose your wondering where my name, The-Manta, came from, and to tell you the truth, so am I. It just was. No-one calls me by it, my real name is not Ray or anything similar, it's just my web name,(if you have similar tastes to myself, you may find me on several sites). I do, however, admire the Manta Ray (or Devilfish) for it's grace and style, but also for it's relationship with the remora fish which cling to it. So there you have it.

My Characters[edit]

Laen (RIP)

Race- Bosmer

Class- Warmage

Birthsign- The Mage

Level- 23

(Sadly overwritten by careless saving).

Laen is a Warmage, like a battlemage but more suited to drawn-out conflicts, they wear light armour and specialise in Blade, Blunt, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism and Illusion. Laen is a general good guy and a competent warrior and mage, he is Archmage of the Mages' Guild, Guildmaster of the Fighter's Guild and Grand Champion of the Arena (where he tests his prowess on a regular basis). With a temporary lull in the Oblivion Crisis, Laen answers Sheogorath's call for a champion and entered the Shivering Isles. He was confused by the bizzareness of the flora, fauna, places and people of the Isles but tried his best to prevent Madness from creeping into his mind whilst still reaching the position of Duke of Mania.

Elial Velse

Race- Dunmer

Class- Secret Keeper

Birthsign- The Thief

Level- 5

I haven't played this character for long and it was his file with which I accidentally overwrote Laen. I made him because I felt like having an evil character to try out the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. Elial is a Secret Keeper- a supernatural being reincarnated regularly in a new form and gifted with many prophetic visions and secrets and specializing in blade, illusion, sneak, alteration, conjuration, alteration and light armour. He receives bloodthirsty visions encouraging him to murder and he derives great pleasure from mindless slaughter. His hobbies include violently killing innocent people, breaking nto peoples houses , stealing their property and hurling it at them in the street, starting magically induced barfights and watching the carnage and magically luring members of the public into the wilderness to be slaughtered by monsters and bandits. He is a Shadowfoot of the Thieves Guild, a Silencer of the Dark Brotherhood, Associate of the Fighters Guild and Journeyman of the Mages Guild. He has heard rumours of a strange door in the Niben Bay and is considering investigating.

(Unfortunately I wont really be playing this character any more as a 3-year-old child dropped a hardback Tom Clancy novel on the xbox while I was playing).


Race- Argonian

Class- Blademage

Birthsign- The Warrior Level- 5

Taleez is my new PC character. He is a blademage which, despite the name, means he uses Blunt Weapons, Heavy armour, Conjuration, Destruction, Armourer, Alteration and Restoration. He is also somewhat mad and a devotee of Sheogorath, and he desperately seeks an as of yet impossible (okay so I didn't install both the disks!) means of reaching his master's domain. He happily charges into battle with reckless abandon and enjoys using a strange Wabbajack spell which he acquired through bizarre rituals to Sheogorath. He is an associate of the Mage's and Fighter's Guild, doing quests for them as he makes a slow round trip of Cyrodiil (Cheydinhal, Bruma, Imp. City, Chorrol, Skingrad, Anvil, Bravil, Leyawiin) on horse back.

Favourite Oblivion/SI NPCs[edit]

Altmer: Mankar Camoran, Volanaro, Sontaire, Earil, Muurine (and uncle Leo!)

Argonian: Tar-meena, Cat-Face (He's got a big cats face...[1]), City-Swimmer, Kud-Ei (so protective and motherly *sniff*), Mach-Na (grumpy old man...),Teekeeus, Tooth-in-the-Sea, Big Head, Wide-Eye, Runs-in-Circles, Beelei.

Bosmer: Dagail, Thamriel, Glarthir, Methredhel, Rindir ("Many mages swear by Rindir's Staffs"), Thurindil, Uuras the Shepherd, Fimmion, Thaedil, Bolwing, Cutter, Thadon, Dredhwen,