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Author's Note: I'm going to be starting a little poll on my Talk page (ThatOneGuy42) to see who the most loved, liked, hated, wants dead Character of this Story. Just post your vote, and i'll compile the Poll. Thankyou very much for reading this it has taken me a long time to write it.

Chapter 1 The Beginning… "Wake Up Legionaries! We’re moving out!" Legate Caius yelled across the Camp. Several men groaned as they woke up but a few woke up quickly. Two of the last men to wake up, were the brothers, Darius, and Cyrus.

  "Why is he making us wake up? I was having such a wonderful Dream," Darius muttered to his brother.
  "I have no idea Darius, but as long as I get paid and the occasional battle; I'm happy," Cyrus said in return. Both the Brothers laughed as they got dressed and put on their Armor. The armor they wore wasn't great; it had a thick leather jacket underneath the armor and leather gloves underneath the Gauntlets, same as with the Boots. On top of the Leather, was the layer of Steel Armor bearing the Sign of the Empire on the front of it. Not all Legionaries were this, only the Front-line defenders and assaulter's. The Scout's and Archer's wore a Leather Armor without sleeves that bared the Sign of the Empire on the front of it as well and a small layer of Chainmail around the back of the neck and on top of the shoulders.
   By the time Darius and Cyrus were fully dressed with their swords' ont their belt, all the other soldiers were outside in the Center of camp. The camp was positioned north of The Reed River and south of Harlun's Watch. A storm poured down on the camp the night before, destroying several Soldiers tents, forcing the Soldiers to build a Stronger, bigger tents for them to sleep in. The Legate's didn't have to worry; they slept up in the Inn in Harlun's Watch.

Both of the Legates, Caius, and Valus, rode into camp on their Horses beckoning all of the Legionaries to move into the Center of Camp. "Legionaries! We will be helping the Blades escort the Emperor to his Meeting with the Thalmor Ambassador in Arenthia," Legate Valus yelled across the men. Standing at the back of the men, was Darius and Cyrus's friend, Huzei. Huzei wasn't the strongest Argonian, nor was he the best with a blade, but he was faster than most and quick witted, in other words: The perfect Scout.

 Darius and Cyrus Sneaked up behind Huzei so they wouldn't be yelled at for being late.
 "What has he said so far?" Cyrus whispered to Huzei.
  "We're going to meet the Emperor with his Blades escort on the Gold Road half way to Skingrad on his way to Arenthia. We're also going to Pell's Gate to take it back from the Bandits that seized it," Huzei whispered back. Cyrus and Darius both looked at each other astonished but went back to listening to the Rest of Valus's speech. Valus finally finished and motioned for the men to move out while he followed behind and Caius in front.
  It took several days before they Legionaries reached Pell's Gate. When they did, Valus quietly talked to the Legionaries. "Huzei, Myn, Dar'Zirr, i want you three to go scout the Village see what’s going on."
  Pell's Gate had a shallow, waterless, Mote surrounding it with wooden barricades around it to stop Horses from getting through. Several Building were in ruin, and several others had been left alone or turned into Captive Shacks. After Umbriel was defeated, many Settlers moved to Pell's Gate, which required the inn to build Several More Rooms, a Barracks for the New Town Guard, and a Long House for the Count of the Town. Two hours passed before Huzei and the other scout's returned.
  "Give me the details Huzei," Caius ordered Huzei.

"They have around forty men; three are at all four entrances to the Town. Two guard stand guard outside the Longhouse, while ten of them including the Bandit Leader are inside of it. Seven Bandits are in the Barracks. Inside of the five Standing Houses are the Villagers and the Count's Wife is being hold inside of the Longhouse. Th-The count was Mounted on the Tree, Nailed into it with three arrows in the chest. Two Bandits are in all five Houses," Huzei said in return to Caius before he started heaving and coughing.

  Caius took twenty men to capture the Longhouse and Barracks while Valus led fifteen men to take back the Villagers. The other eighty Legionaries made camp and waited for any Bandit Reinforcements. Cyrus and Darius went with Valus to take back the Villager's. The three bandits standing at the Towns Entrance were hit by Arrows while Darius, Cyrus, and four other men went into two different houses: three each. 
  It took several Hours before The Town was out of the Bandits hands. The Countess of the town thanked the Legionaries for rescuing them before going back into the Longhouse to Mourn over the loss of her Husband. The Legionaries spent the next day traveling to where they were supposed to meet the Emperor and his Escort.
  Once the finally reached it, a Dunmer Blade by the name of Telven approached the Legionaries. Telven was quite tall for a Dunmer, and judging by the Dai-Katana strapped on his back, his combat hardened Armor, and His Old Strong face; he’s the Grandmaster.
   “Finally you’re here. We’ve been waiting so long for you we were just about to leave without you. Tomorrow, around seven, we will be leaving for Arenthia,” Telven Told the Two Legate’s before leading them to the Emperor’s Tent.
  Before Leaving, Caius told the Legionaries, “Set up camp here for the Night, visit the Inn for Drinks and food. See you in the Morning!”
   Darius, Cyrus, and Huzei spent most of the time in the Inn, drinking Mead and Ale, eating tons of food, and having a good time with the rest of the Legion.
  This time, all the Legionnaire’s woke up bright and early, quickly getting on their Clothes and Armor. Cyrus, Darius, and Huzei were still, the last to wake up, and were all suffering headaches. It was only thirty minutes after everyone at the Camp, including the Blades, were awake. Darius and Cyrus met their old friend, Rona, who apperntally, joined the Blades.
 “Rona? Is that you?” Cyrus said to Rona as she crafted some leather from a few animal hides.
 “Cyrus? Darius? It’s so good to see you guys!” Rona yelled before running over and hugging both of them. “How have you been?”
 “Well, we both joined the Legion, while you apperntally joined the Blades. We thought you wanted to be a Fighter’s Guild Member,” Darius said to Rona.
 “Well, I was offered to join the Blades three years after you guys left. Hey, is Huzei with you?” She asked Cyrus and Darius. They both nodded and lead her over to where Huzei was practicing Sword fighting with a few other Blades. He Kept losing his footing and tripping, but was able to dodge the blades sword thrusts quite easily. He finally tripped in to a Horses water Bucket, and everyone around him laughed, Including Cyrus and Darius. Darius went over and helped him out of the bucket before Rona ran over and hugged him.
 “Choking, me,” He muttered trying to pull Rona of him, “It’s good to see you too Rona.” 
The four friends continued to talk until Telven, Valus, and Caius told everyone to get ready and move out for Arenthia.

End of Chapter 1... Chapter 2, Arenthia...

 It was about an eight hour journey to Arenthia, and the city itself wasn’t nice at all. All the Legionaries were told to wait outside the town, while the Blades escorted the Emperor to his meeting. “I wonder why the Emperor has to meet with one of those Thalmor.” Darius asked his Brother and Huzei.
  “Probably to enact trade routes or something, why do you care?” Huzei said in return to Darius.
 “Well, what if it’s a something due to war? Why else would we have to escort him as well?” Darius said in return. The area where the soldiers set up camp outside of Arenthia was surrounded by massive, tall, trees. If you look high enough you could see animals jumping around on the Trees. The bark on the trees was a Dark, Greenish brown color.
“Cyrus, Darius, come here; quickly!” Huzei yelled back to Cyrus and Darius. The two brothers looked at each other before sprinting to where Huzei was. “Look across the Valley, where the really tall tree stands,” Huzei said to Cyrus and Darius as he pointed out across the Valley.
The two brothers did as told and found: an army of Thalmor Soldiers heading quickly in their direction. The Thalmor wore sets of Purplish, Gold Elven Armor with an Altmer in one hand and a spell of their choosing in the other.
“Darius, go tell Caius and Valus now!” Cyrus ordered Darius, but he was already sprinting to Arenthia. It didn’t take long for Darius to sprint to Arenthia, and seeing how the guard was half his size; he pushed him out of the way and continued to run. He reached the building where the Emperor was having his meeting with the Thalmor Ambassador, and sprinted through the Door.
 “Valus, Caius, a massive Army of Thalmor soldiers are heading towards our Camp!” Darius yelled right as he blew through the door. Valus and Caius were sitting at a Table with Telven, having a conversation about their lives back home, right as Darius blew through the door.
“What!” Telven yelled out at Darius. Darius told the Commanders what him, and His brother had seen. Telven quickly sprinted up the stairs to the room where the Emperor was having his meeting. It didn’t take long for Telven to get the Emperor; apperntally, the Emperor disagreed with the Thalmor’s Offer and was prepared to leave. The men all sprinted to the Camp, where the blades and Legionaries were preparing for a battle.
 The legionaries spent several hours building barricades on all sides of the camp for fear of other Thalmor soldiers coming through Arenthia. The Blades built traps around the tree’s and around the camp. It didn’t take long for the Thalmor to reach the camp, and they were surprised as an arrow went through the first Soldier.
 “Attack!” Valus yelled across the camp and all 300 Legionaries and 60 Blades, came out of hiding and sprinted towards the Thalmor. Darius and Cyrus were in the front of all the Legionaries and were the first to sink there blade in a Thalmor. 
The fighting lasted all day, more Thalmor came through Arenthia, and the Blades sprung the traps they set around the camp. In the end, the Thalmor retreated back in to Arenthia, and the Legionaries and Blades lead the Emperor back in to Cyrodill.

The Blades and Legionaries fought a few battles against the Thalmor on their Way to Cyrodill, but everyone was able to make it back to the Imperial City safely: well, mostly.

“Where’s Ulfgar?” Dro’Barri, one of the Legionary Archers asked Cyrus and Huzei as they ate.
They both looked at each other in astonishment. Ulfgar was by far, the tallest, strongest, and biggest Nord in all of Tamriel. He wielded a massive War Hammer made of Ebony that he named Wulfgaard. He wasn’t near the brightest Nord out there, but was by far the Toughest. It Astonished Cyrus and Huzei that he didn’t make it.
“I think he’s dead,” Cyrus said in return, but Ulfgar came up right behind them and laid he’s massive hand on Dro’Barri’s shoulder.
“Not quite. One of those Thalmor Wizard’s teleported me forty feet in the sky. I broke my right arm, but still broke that Puny man’s neck,” He said to the group before laughing and walking away to where they Were serving Mead and Ale.
Darius walked over to the table and sat down with his food and drink.
“There you are brother, I feared you might have been killed in battle,” Cyrus said to Darius as he sat down and laughed.
“Not quite. But, we did lose Urzal and Amir,” Darius said in return to Cyrus and Huzei, who quietly sat, drinking from his glass of tea every once in a While.
“You forgot about Rona,” Huzei whispered to the two brothers. Once Huzei said that, Darius and Cyrus’s spirits’ dropped. 


Chapter 3 Death of Peace… It was several weeks before a Thalmor approached the Imperial Palace. Huzei followed him the whole way, but didn’t notice anything strange.

“What’s in that cart of his?” Huzei kept asking himself as he followed the Thalmor on the roof tops. Once he reached the Imperial Palace he had to stop and wait for the Thalmor to come out of the Palace but, it was a long time before that happened.
“What is this?” Titus Mede II asked to the Thalmor.
“That is or list of demands,” The Thalmor said in return, grinning. Titus read over the list several times, before he finally said,

“No.” The list said that Talos worship be abolished, a large portion of Hammerfell be given to the Aldmeri Dominion, The Blades were to be disbanded, and large Tributes are to be given to the Aldmeri Dominion. “Ok, here is our gift,” the Thalmor said in return as he pulled the sheet off the top of the Wagon, and opened it. Inside was at least 100 heads. “These are your Blades spies that were in Alinor,” The Thalmor said to the Emperor.

Huzei continued to stare at the Palace until a Wounded Thalmor fell through the door with a Arrow through his chest. He was gripping his Chest when another arrow whizzed by, hitting the Thalmor again in the chest. Huzei grimaced at the sight of the dead Thalmor before he sneaked back along the rooftops towards his home.


Chapter 4 Beginning of the Great War…

 It was several days before news of the Thalmor and war spread among the populace. At the newly built Imperial fort outside of the Imperial City on a large Island in Lake Rumare. The 5th through 8th Legion’s were already here, and now the 9th and 3rd Legions were here. Darius was at the Forge, crafting himself a new sword, Huzei was studying maps in his Tent after his promotion to Quaestor, and Cyrus was practicing Archery.
The sword Darius was forging had a half ebony, half glass, center to it and was surrounded by a layer of Moonstone and Silver. This was his best piece of Craftsmanship he ever made. The three friends were still depressed over the lost of their Friend, Rona, and General Decianus giving his Order’s to the troops about the War didn’t make them feel any better. Decianus ordered all the men at the Fort to come to the center, which was quite hard seeing how that was over 2,500 men.
“Legionaries! Today, we start our War with the Aldmeri Dominion! These Thalmor, with all their Magic, and High Elven powers, think that they can defeat us! But you; you are the very essence of the Empire. You are the back Bone of the Empire! You are professional Soldiers, and you: Will teach those Thalmor who they’re up against!” He Ordered and yelled throughout the entire Fort, to where every set of ears could hear him.

“Yeah!” All the Legionnaires yelled while the young Thalmor boy hid in the Sewers underneath the fort fearing for his life…


Chapter 5, Assault on Leyawiin and Bravil…

 The young Thalmor boy went by the name of, Rumare. He was a stronger then most Thalmor in Combat, but lacked the ability to Learn Magic. He was banished and disowned by his Family, so he left for Cyrodill to join the Imperial Legion. He had a greyish tone to his golden skin, making him look like one of the Anicent Chimer. He was also, slightly shorter then most Thalmor because of his Dunmeri blood. 
 After hearing what the General said, he feared they might kill him. “What am I going to do? I can’t just walk up there, they might kill me!” he whispered to himself. He finally decided that he would simply; walk up to the Fort’s Gate and ask to enter.

Vincent Ashcroft, one of the Legion’s best Archer’s, was on Guard duty at the front gate when Rumare the young Thalmor approached the fort. “Turn back! This is an Imperial Legion Fort! Your kinds not welcomed here, Thalmor,” Vincent yelled as Rumare approached the Fort. When the boy wouldn’t turn back, Vincent notched an arrow in his bow, and yelled out again, “Leave, before I have to shoot you.

The young Thalmor finally said, “I would like to join the Legion.”

“You do know we are in the beginning of a War with ‘your’ kind don’t you?” “My ‘kind’ disowned, and banished me from my home. That is why I came here.” Vincent went ahead and opened the Gate for the young Thalmor. Rumare walked into the Fort, and every single set of Eye’s fell on him. Someone at the back of the crowd yelled, “Dirty Thalmor!” Another yelled,

“Kill him, he’s probably a Spy!” One man finally came pushing through everyone; it was a Dunmer, by the name of Sulis. His eyes fell upon Rumare in disbelief.
“Rumare, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Falinesti?”  Sulis asked Rumare.

“My parents banished me. I came here to join the Legion and be with you: Uncle.” Sulis took Rumare to his Room in the Eastern Tower to talk, while Cyrus and Darius practiced in the Sword Ring. “Who was that boy?” Darius asked Cyrus as he thrusted his newly crafted sword at Cyrus’s chest. “I think it was Sulis’s nephew,” Cyrus Said in return as he parried Darius’s thrust. They continued to practice until a Courier sprinted through the Gate yelling, “The Thalmor have Taken Leyawiin!” Everyone looked at him in Disbelief. “They’re right now marching towards Bravil.” Legate Valus pushed through the Soldiers and asked the Courier,

“What Legion are you in?” 

“2nd Legion, under Legate Glenroy’s Command.” “Ah, we’ll head out for Bravil immediately; you can stay here with Sulis and his nephew,” Valus said to the courier before turning to all the Legionaries, “Men, get ready for battle, we’re going: To Bravil! Huzei was in his tent, studying a Map of Valenwood when Cyrus came into it and told him, “Huzei, grab everything you need, were moving out to Bravil.” “Why?” “The Thalmor took Leyawiin and are currently heading towards Bravil on the Left side of the green road, near Elsweyr.” Huzei didn’t ask Another Question, he put all of his maps into his Satchel, Grabbed his Silver Short Sword, put it on his belt and the Satchel around his Shoulder. He ran out of his tent when he noticed all the Soldiers jogging out of the Main Gate. Darius motioned for Huzei to come with him, and Huzei did just that.

It took the Legionaries one day to reach Bravil, and by the time they did, Legate Glenroy’s Legion was already Building Barricades around the Town. “Legate Glenroy, it’s General Decianus, we’re here to help Protect Bravil,” General Decianus yelled at the top of the City Wall. Without question, the main gate opened up, and all the Legionnaires poured through. Decianus met with the other Legates and Huzei to plan their defense of the Town.

Rumare’s father, Lord Naarfin, sent out over 10,000 soldiers under command of his brother, to take Bravil while he waited for more Troops in the Port of Leyawiin.

“Lord Naarfin, are scouts have reported more Imperial Legionaries heading towards Bravil. Half of the one that were there, are now heading back. We suspect they are heading for Hammerfell,” a Thalmor garbed in Robes said to Lord Naarfin as he sat upon the Counts Thrown in Castle Leyawiin. Lord Naarfin nodded and the Garbed Thalmor left his presence.
General Dacinus took the 7th, 6th, and 4th Legion’s with him towards Hammerfell. They used a boat in Bravil’s Harbor to get back to the Red Fort in Lake Rumare, while the 2nd, 8th, 9th, and 3rd Legion’s stayed in Bravil to defend it from the Thalmor Invaders. Cyrus and Darius were in the 7th Legion and were at the moment, sleeping in the boats under-deck. 
Huzei looked over the map of the surronding area. “The Thalmor are going to try and apporach from the back gate and the Front, while some soldiers are going to try and follow the River up to the Port. I suggest setting barricades around the harbor after General Dacinus leaves and building traps closer to the actual town,” He said to Legate Glenroy.

“How are you not a Legate already?” Glenroy asked in return.

Huzei laughed at this question and went back to studing the Map. “General Dacinus told me if I survive this, Im going to be one.” Glenroy nodded at Huzei before going down the wall to tell his men where to build Barricades and Traps.
Sulis and Rumarewere currently getting a set of armor for Rumare. Sulis gave Rumare a set of heavy armor to try on. The armor hunkered down on Rumare’s shoulders and quickly slid off.
“I don’t think heavy suits me. Is there any types of  Medium armor here?” Rumare asked Sulis.
“I think we have a few sets, let me look,” Sulis said in return before heading off to find the Armor. He came back several minutes later with a moderatley good set of Medium armor, and a steel longsword with a matching knife. Rumare took the armor and blades and looked at them carefuly before putting the armor on. He slid the Knife into it’s holster and kept the Blade out to study it.
 “That was my friend Roland’s Blade. He was killed at the battle outside of Arenthia,” Sulis told Rumare, “He forged that Sword himself at the Skyforge in Whiterun. Use that blade well.” Rumare studied the sword closely. He smiled at it for a little before putting it in it’s holster and going with Sulis to practice Sword Training.


Chapter 6, Battle for Bravil… Huzei was helping set up a the last trap in the harbor when a Horn blew from the top of the City Wall.

 “Thalmor approaching! What are your order’s Sir?” Vincent Ashcroft yelled from the top of the Wall.
Huzei was currently the Commander of Vincent’s Legion of Archer’s, so he said, “When possible; fire you arrows at them,” as he ran up the steps to the wall. Glenroy told his men the same thing before nodding at Huzei. The Thalmor were at shooting range for the archers and every archerer notched an arrow.
“Fire!” Huzei and Glenroy yelled before a massive wave of arrows flew through the sky at the Thalmor. The entire front line of thalmor was devestated by the arrow wave. A second wave desimated the next line before the Thalmor split into different directions. A Wizard came out from behind all of them and started forming a ball of Energy in his hands. Huzei noticed this and yelled at Vincent, “Take out that Mage quickly!” Vincent was already doing just that. He fired one arrow and hit the Thalmor in the leg. The next Arror hit him in the shoulder. The final arrow whizzed into the Thalmor’s chest. This, was the fatal blow, but before the Thalmor died; he released the ball of energy that grew bigger as it flew through the sky.
 “Get off the wall!” Glenroy yelled, but it was too late; the now massive ball of energy hit the wall, blowing half of it to bits, throwing hundreds of legionaires  off of it, killing many more. After the ball hit, more Thalmor emerged from hiding on the other side of Town, and small boats travelled up stream into the Harbor.
 Glenroy was impaled on a piece of wood, while Huzei was thrown back on to the top of a building, crashing through someone’s window.
“Eeep!” a Imperial woman yelled as Huzei flew threw her window.
Huzei standed up shakily and looked at the woman. “Why are you still in town, we’re in the middle of Battle?”

“We were never told to leave.” “Tell all the villagers to get out of town quickly, were fighting the Thalmor, and the entire southern wall was blown to bits. Now go, Quickly!” Huzei told the imperial woman before jumping back through the window and falling on top of a Thalmor crushing the Thalmor’s skull in the progress.

“Sorry there,” Huzei told the now dead thalmor before getting up and going back to help defend the town. -CLANG- Huzei’s sword hit the side of a metal pole, alerting the thalmor he was behind him. The Thalmor quickly turned around, swinging his sword at Huzei’s head but barily missed. Huzei ducked, and pulled his dagger out, stabbing the thalmor straight in the side. Hetook the Thalmor’s sword and plunged it depp into the Thalmor’s heart before letting him fall.
More and more Thalmor came through the southern wall, while more set up a blockade along the Northern Wall. Thalmor came through people’s housing killing and pillaging people as they go. Huzei contineud to fight with the surviving Legionaires down at the docks. Mainly it was Redguards and a few Nords that have survived so far, but there were a few dunmer.
“Run!” one of the survivng Legionaires said as he jumped off the dock and swam to the other side of the river before he continued to run. Many more legionaires did the same thing, including Vincent Ashcroft, but they were cut off by more Thalmor soldier’s. Huzei noticed this and new there would be no escape from the Thalmor. He jumped off the side of the docks and in to the river were he could stay for several days before he needed food.
He swam up river away from Bravil. Once he was far away from the town, he looked back to see the Thalmor cheering in victory. His friend, Vincent was there, kneeling on the ground with his head bowwed and his hands cuffed. A thalmor, garbed in armor and robes, pulled out a Enchanted Katana. He looked at the blade carefully before brining it down hard in Vincent’s Neck. Vincent’s head rolled down the hill and into the river, while a Thalmor picked up the body and threw it into the fire…


Chapter 7, March of Thirst

At, close to the same Time as bravil was besieged by Invaders, Darius and Cyrus woke up to find their Fleet under attack back in their home country, of Hammerfell. The Imperial Fleet, sailed all the way down to the southern Hammerfell City, of Rihad. By the time they got there, Thalmor had already began attacking regions south of it near the order to Cyrodill. Rihad itself, was built like a Stronghold. Massive walls spanned around the City, and battlements around the Walls. The Harbor was also heavily defended. Darius and Cyrus went into town for a bit, to find out if there old friend Arem, was still alive.

"Do you think he still lives here?" Cyrus asked Darius as they passed through the Market place, "Because, if he does, I want to killl him for stealing my Gold!" Darius laughed at his brothers comment, and went on to tell him, that it was actually Rona who stole his gold, but that quickly made them become quiet and Walk at a quicker pace. 

In one of the Alleyways, a skinny little Breton man, garbbed in a Black cloak, and Greyish colored clothes, watched the two brothers as they travelled through the City. This was in fact, Arem, who had taken a more sinister path then his freinds: Assassinations. he grinned at the sight of his freinds and thought of a perfectlly fine plan to scare them to near death. He came out of his hiding spot and began to follow the two brothers more closely. He continued to follow them, getting closer and closer, until he was right behind Darius with a Knife.

 Darius quickly felt the Dagger touch his Back, and smoothly, but quickly, pulled out his sword and pointed it at his Assassniator.
 "It's okay Darius. It's me, Arem!" Arem told Darius as he smiled wickedly.
 "Arem: next time you try that, I'm going to slice of your finger," Darius said in return to Arem, who still smiled wickedly. Darius seathed his sword, and walked with his brother and Arem through the town; but later that evening, their freindship will be tested.
 Huzei continued to swim up river, until he reached Lake Rumare and the Imperial Legion Fort. The twelevth and thirteenth Legion's had already made it back there from their Patrol along the Border to Skyrim, and were preparing for Lunch when Huzei sprinted through Fort. Caius, leader of the two Legions, was sitting down, smoking his pipe, when he Saw Huzei running.
 "What's the matter Lizard? Cant find the water?" Caius scarcasticaly asked Huzei, before laughing at his own Joke.
 Huzei scowled at the man before saying, "Bravil and Leyawinn have been Captured by Thalmor forces. The second, third, eight, and ninth Legions were completly destoryed. I'm all that's left."
 Every stared at Huzei like he just told them he was a Walking Fish God who Eats only Cabbages, and Destroys things by summoning Toads.
 "What of General Decanius and his Legions? was he in Bravil too?" Caius quickly asked Huzei.
 "No, he left to help protect Hammerfell. I was going to go tell The Emporer and His high General this information, but I first came here."
 Caius nodded before bowing his head in shame, for Glenroy: was his brother.
The Emporer, the High General, and Legate Tullius were studying a map of Tamreill when Huzei walked through the door.
"Ah, here is the survivor of Bravil," The Emporer said to the other two men, "Tullius, I would like for you to meet your replacement: Huzei."
 Huzei waved slowly at the High General and Tullius, before turning his attention back to the Emporer. "Sir, if you dont mind me asking, how did you know about the Onslaught at Bravil? It's only been two hours since it was taken."
 "Well, a Fine gentlemen from Bravil, riding a Grey stallion, approached the town with cut marks, burn markings and an Arrow through his thigh. His grey mask though, made some of the guards think he was some old Mythical Grey Fox character who led the Thevies Guild. I, just happened to be at the Gates. We brought him a Healer, but he whispered to me everything that happened before he perished," The Emporer said in return before going back to his Conversation with the High General, and General Tullius. Huzei slowly crept out of the room, and went back to The Red Fort in Lake Rumare.
 It was very late that evening in the Imperial camp site in Hammerfell, when Arem sneaked about, trying to find the Commander's Tent. He did, in fact find it, but it was only a Legate's tent: he did not, know that General Decanius was there. Arem slipped into the tent, and stared at the sleeping Legate. He pulled out his knife, and crept up to the bed, before he sliced the Legate's neck. He did this to several other People at the camp, and He let all the horses go, stole the battle plans from the command tent, and was about to set fire to half the Camp, when Darius found him.
"Arem, what are you doing?" Darius asked Arem as he poured some flammable potions onto a tent. Arem turned to his old freind, and protreated two Daggers from in side hos cloak, before slicing at Darius. Darius dodged most of the attacks before he un-sheathed his blade and began attacking Arem. The horn at the Camp for battle cry sounded right as Darius was cut on the shoulder by one of the Daggers.
"You led the Thalmor here? You (cencored by the Imperial Library) -ore!" Darius yelled at Arem, before cutting Arem's leg, and plungig his sword deep into his Lower chest.
 Arem fell to the ground, clutching his now bleeding Chest and asked Darius, "p-please, show m-m-mercy." Darius scowled at the Dying Breton man who was once his freind. He did not: show mercy.
 Once Arem's body fell silent, Darius left to help his fellow Soldiers fight off the Thalmor Assualt.
 Cyrus was currently fighting off Three Thalmor soldiers while a woman ran with her Children to Safety. Only as Cyrus turned around, did he notice they were all killed by a Thalmor Archerer. Cyrus screamed as loud as he could before going into a fit of Rage, killing and Slaughtering anything that Stood in his way. Even Ulfgar looked at Cyrus astonished by his Strength, before he crushed the Thalmor's head he had in his hand.
Darius ran into the battle, doing almost the same thing as his brother, just not as Demented. Even though The Imperials were making great Progress, the Thalmor had a smingless enexhaustible supply of Troops, which Continously forced the Imperials back. 
"Cyrus, Darius: Run!" Ulfgar yelled as a Massive ball of Energy hit him, creating an explosion bigger then anything they had ever seen. Darius was sent flying through the Sky, before his body hit the Desert sand hard making a small crater, while Cyrus was thrown into the Nearby Buildings wall. Everything went black for Cyrus, and last thing he saw: was a young boy and woman being killed by a Thalmor Wizard. 
 Darius, on the other hand, was being caried by one of the Other big Orcish Troops, Url-Gro-Bashah, as the Surviving Imperial soldiers Fled Across the Alik'r Desert. General Decanius was riding the only horse that Was re-captured, and was leading his men through the Desert. "W-what happened?" Darius ask Url as he bounced up and down on the Orc's Shoulder.

"General Decanius ordered us to retreat across the Desert. Your, brother, was last seen being thrown into a Thalmor Cell," Url told Darius before sliding him on to the back on Decanius's horse.

Cyrus slowly woke up to find himself in a Cell, traveling in cart, drawn by two horses with two Thalmor Guards. In the cell with was the astonshy alive Ulfgar, who sat clutchin his now missing Left hand, and Dro'Bassi, who continued to sleep. Cyrus looked around the outside of his cell, and found that him, and his two freinds: Had been captured by the Thalmor, and were going to be Executed.


Chapter 8, Escape!

It was late on Fridas outside the Alik'r Desert, ad the Thalmor army decided to make camp here and conquer the rest of Southern Hammerfell in the days to come.Ulfgar, kept yelling Insults at any Thalmor that Passed by, and was even able to Kick one's Horse, which made the Thalmor Beat him with Club. Dro'Bassi, ate little bits of some moon sugar he had hid in his pocket when ever the Guards weren't looking. Cyrus turned around to see that Several other Legionaries had been captured as well, three of them were about to be Executed. Cyrus watched in horror as a Thalmor Set all three of them on fire before Coming over and slowly slitting their Throats.

"Dro'Bassi, Ulfgar, we have to find a way out of here before we end up like them," Cyrus whispered to his cell-mates whiles sticking his thumb back to point at the now dead Legionaires. Ulfgar looked at him and told him, "I, have 'a' Idea. Whenever it is our turn to die, instead of sitting there ad taking it, run towards the nearest Thalmor, kill them, and run away." Dro'Bassi and Cyrus looked at Ulfgar before both Whispering, "That wont work."

 Dro'Bassi protruded three lockpicks, and a elven knife from inside his leather sleeve. "Dro'Bassi, has a better plan."
"Dro'Bassi, where did you get those!?" Cyrus whispered to Dro'Bassi.
 "I stole the knife from a guard, the lockpicks are mine, just like the Moon sugar," Dro"Bassi said in return. The three men scooted over to where Dro"Bassi had access to the cell door. With out even breaking a Pick, He picked the Cell's door open, and sneaked out of it followed by Cyrus and Ulfgar. Dro'Bassi sneaked over to the other Cells, and picked their locks as well, while Ulfgar silently killed one of the Thalmor guards and took the guards armor and Weapons, a Long Sword and  a Short Sword, and passed the Short sword to Cyrus. As Dro'Bassi finished picking the Final cell's lock, another Thalmor found the badly hidden body of a dead Thalmor.
 The Thalmor looked around the area he was in to find Cyrus staring at him from ten feet away. Before Cyrus could get there Fast enough, the Thalmor Yelled as loud as he could with the help of a strange spell, "the Prisoners are escaping!" Cyrus quickly pluged his sword into the Thalmor, and grabbed his Short sword and tossed it to another Legionarie.
 "All of you run! Me and Durag-Bro-Shah will hold off the Thalmor as long as we can!" Ulfgar yelled to all the other Legionaires before him and Ulfgar left to battle the Thalmor Soldiers.
 "With me! Get to the Desert!" Cyrus yelled to all the other Legionaries before sprinting off into the Direction of the Desert.
 Leuwin, one of the Imperial Battlemages, made a Large Storm of lighting strike at the Thalmor before three Explosive darts went straight into his chest that were fired by someone Cyrus knew well: Arem. Arem had injected himself with a special dart tipped with a Paryalitc poison that woudl stop the flow of blood in his body when Darius wasn't looking. This chemical stopped him from bleeding out long enough to be healed by one of his Thalmor Freinds.
 When Arem saw Ulfgar and Durag killing Thalmor by the third of dozen, Arem decided to even the Scores. he put one of his highly explosive darts into his Crossbow, and fired straight into Durag, who exploded into a Gory destruction the hurt many around him, except Ulfgar. Ulfgar, who was able to find his two battle-axes and Dragon Bone Armor, went into Berserk when he saw his dear friend dead. Arem kept firing more and more darts at him, but missed everytime, before he noticed he had been stabbed by a poisoned dagger.
 "Dro'Bassi saw you kill his freind, now Dro'Bassi kills you." Dro'Bassi said from behind Arem. Arem quickly turned around and stabbed his short blade into Dro'Bassi's heart. Dro'Bassi stared wild eye'd at Arem, who als had a blade protruding from his back. Arem pulled the blad out of his back, stabbed into Dro'Bassi's Mouth, and threw him into desert below. Arem, becaome dizzy, before falling of his small cliff into the desert. 
 Cyrus continued to run through the desert, not even taking a single look behind him to see if anyone is there. He just ran, and ran, and ran, until he could run no more.
 Ulfgar, with two swords, three arrows, a dagger, and an axe protruding from his body, continued to fight the Thalmor. When finally, the Lady Arannelya found Ulfgar, she summoned Ten Daedra to attack Ulfgar, before summoning a Storm of fire, similliar to Leuwin's, and rained it down upon Ulfgar. Wo then all the Daedra had disappeared, and the fire cooled down, Ulfgar was found on his knees with both his Axes in the Sand. He looked up at Lay Arannelya, and said to her, "You can't kill me."
 "Oh, but I can," the lady said to Ulfgar before knealing down in front of him. She kissed him, and continued then continued to kiss him, until his very soul waa taken from him in that kiss.
 Ulfgar's body lay lifeless in the desert sand, Dro'Bassi crawled across the sand, throwing a single knife at a Thalmor, before perishing as well, but the body of Arem, was no where to be found.
      End of Part One...