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Hi there! I don't know why I'm typing this as I doubt few, if any, will look at my page anytime soon. In the meantime, this is still under work:

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UESP Tasks[edit]


  • Skill Icons - As Skyrim lacks a cohesive set of icons/illustrations for most of its skills, spells and statistics, a bit of ingenuity will be required in creating images to faithfully represent them. I resolve to, using the in-game skill constellations as a reference, create high resolution vector traceovers in a style and color scheme complementary with that of the UESP to use in place of crude screenshots. (Discuss)


  • Alchemical Items - Replace current images of alchemical icons with lossless sprites, at double the original dimensions (normal2x scaler, nearest neighbor).


  • Weapons Overhaul - Create tables similar to those of Morrowind and Oblivion to use for weapons in Arena. Base statistics can be derived from the manual, and I believe material modifiers can be found elsewhere. Long done, see Arena:Items.