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Well, here goes ...

I was born in 1989, I'm pursuing a degree in 2-D studio art, a portfolio in drawing, and already have a portfolio in photography.

I like to watch cartoons, Eastern and Western alike (and yes, this does include ponies) and I have hopes of being able to see my own ideas come to life on television or the Internet one day.

I know I try to sound like I'm smart enough to know what I'm talking about online - and let's be honest, I bet it makes me sound awfully pretentious - but in real life, I'm actually a complete goof, and only a little socially inept. Only a little.

I have created a full dozen characters in Skyrim, and currently maintain ten of them; I have hopes on adding some more to the list. All this and more has led me to invest no less than 1000 hours into Skyrim. Phew.

I am currently writing fanfiction that uses many of my characters (minus their Dragonborn attributes, in exchange for their own unique backstories); it started out as a fleeting inkling of creativity, but has now mutated into its own scary obsession.

Please send me a PM if you would like to read my fanfiction; I am wary of adding too many external links to my profile, lest I be blocked.