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About Me[edit]

Well where to begin. I started playing The Elder Scrolls about two 3 years ago now that it's 2009. I'm a teenager and own an Xbox 360 copy of Oblivion that mostly it. Links up soon

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My Oblivion Characters[edit]

Name: Sliter

Race: Kahjiit

Birthsign: Thief

Class: Custom

Level: 12


  • Thieves Guild = Shadowfoot
  • Fighters Guild =
  • Mages Guild = Evoker
  • Dark Brotherhood = Slayer
  • Arena = Grand Champion

Name: Junsten

Race: Imperial


Class: Custom

Level: 1


  • Fighters Guild = Journeyman
  • Arena = Pit Dog

Notes: I write a fanfiction book about him called: The Story Of Junsten The Imperial. Only started.

Name: Dan Gerous

Race: Nord

Birthsign: Warrior

Class: Custom

Level: 1

Notes: Only started recently.


I'm working mostly on my fanfiction book about my character Junsten and helping random pages.