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Hey, there! I'm not exactly the most bashful girl. Lol. :D My real name is Trinity, and I'm 16. :) I loooovveee Fanfiction, and I dabble in Lore studies. I put Loremaster as one of my userboxes for show, lol. I attend School, regularly. So I won't be on much during the weekdays. Until 4. :D Hmmm....I just did this to fill this empty gap between my articles, and the fancy name over there to the left. Lol. I should add more userboxes. :) Shianni 04:01, 21 January 2011 (UTC)

:D This user is very bubbly.
User-userbox-M'aiq the Liar.jpg This user knows much, tells some.
OB-Img-ShrineofNamira.JPG This user worships Namira.
OB-icon-misc-Quill.png This user writes fanfiction.
FemaleIcon.png This user is female.
User-userbox-Oghma Icon.png This user is a Loremaster.
Lore-race-Imperial.png This user is a member of the Imperial race.
User-userbox-Teddy Bear.gif This user is not a Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear.
OBbsign Apprentice.jpg This user was born under the sign of The Apprentice.
User-userbox-Invisible Pink Unicorn Logo.jpg This user thanks the Invisible Pink Unicorn for her vast knowledge.
User-userbox-Admin.jpg Rpeh for Admin!!!

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