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(RefID: xx0118999)
Home City Chico
House Robin's House
Race Breton Gender Non-Binary
Level 21 Class Student
RefID xx0118999 BaseID xx0118999
Available Sometimes
Training TrainerAlteration
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 200
Morality 50 Aggression 15
Faction(s) CSU, Chico: Students

Robin Miki is a Breton Student who lives in the city of Chico, in California, U.S.A. Despite being non-binary, she uses she/her pronouns when describing herself. When talking to her, she will often mention how she would rather be a mage, but since magic doesn't work the same way on Earth as it does in the Aurbis, she is forced to perform mundane tasks to maintain a roof over her head. She currently attends California State University, Chico to gain a Baccalaureate in Multicultural and Gender Studies. When asked about it, she will state that she enjoys her education but has a problem with how much it costs, and states that she can only afford it because she is receiving financial aid from the federal government.

Robin's schedule is incredibly erratic. During the week, she will spend most of her time on campus, relaxing or sleeping in the basement when she is not at work or in class. At night, she will either return to her home or her friend's home near campus. When asked about Chico, she will talk about moving to a cheaper house that is closer to campus. On Fredas afternoon, she will wait home until her parents pick her up and take her to Red Bluff, where she will remain until Morndas morning when she returns to Chico.


  • She is possibly the first person to use the word "goddex" at a specific metro station in Los Angeles, but this is not verified.
  • She has been spotted eating lemons, even though other NPCs will avoid eating lemons if there are any other food items in the room.


  • When trying to talk to her, she will sometimes not engage in conversation. This is due to her autism-related auditory processing issues.
  • This bug has been fixed by trying again.