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Hello. I'm hiding until the next elder scroll has been cast.

Until that moment, I hide in the night, lurk through Cyrodiil's trees, and kill those not ready to face the future's awesome power.

I am Puddle, bringer of dooms.

Today is Morndas, 21st of Frostfall .

I am Puddle. I am here at the UESPWiki to edit pages, learn tidbits, and try to help the site move it's way along the path to survival. At this page you may find rough ideas or lists of things to do, some links, and background information on a wide variety of topics. Enjoy.


I joined this Wiki on January 6th, 2008. Since then I have revamped the Lore pages for all the provinces, wrote a a Fanfiction, patrolled many a vandalous edit, and fixed many spelling or grammar errors. At this time I am Semi-Active, waiting until more is known about The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls, when I will return to continue helping to keep the site a good place for all involved.




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