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Who Am I: Phil Robertson (not the rich and famous one)
Philbert is of Old German origin meaning of "very bright". However, Filbert is a nut :b

Where Am I: Mid-Western, USA

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I've played Oblivion for years, soon after its first release, and found UESP while trying to get help on a (now forgotten) quest. I've been impressed with the amount and quality of the information gathered here and the dedication of the administrators and fans of Bethesda's games. I've made minor edits in the past, usually typo's.

So, with the release of Skyrim I decided to become a more active, albeit still amateur, contributer since the wiki format controls still give me a lot of difficulty. But, I figure if I do add content there are many out there that can come back and format it better and add detail to what I add better than I.

I was impressed with how quickly the Skyrim pages added up after the game was released. It was kind of exciting watching and being a minor part of that process.

If, on a page, a post, a discussion, or an answer - you think a remark of mine is snide or sarcastic, its not!!! Somewhere there in the post is a smile that I had meant to be shared and (obviously if there's any question about it) was not. For any misunderstandings that may occur I apologize now although I always hope to avoid that kind of issue. In the written word its hard for the other person to "see" the smile behind the words that would soften the intent. It's why I hate e-mail.
If on the other-hand, I come off too formal or business-like, that's the Consultant part of me coming out.

I take all criticism as constructive so if any have a reason to criticize my additions, please feel free to do so that I may learn and get better.

Thanks to everyone on this site for all their hard work!!!
And a special thanks to Bethesda for creating such great games and worlds to discover and play in. Kudo's to their whole team!!!


Skyrim & Rambling[edit]

--- Revision Feb 2015 - I deleted most of what was here but I'm pretty sure it was only me reading it. :) Besides, now any tips I have are listed on the relevant pages, and thanks to some great UESP editors, actually make sense - Thanks all :)

I still play, frequently, and am an expert in some areas and still a noob in others. I don't think anyone can truly be an expert in all of Skyrim, the game is just too huge for that (my opinion only.) I also still play Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and a newer favorite The Last of Us which is more an interactive movie than a game (there are many arguments on this) but still a great story-line and very immersive. The only online game I play is Eve-Online and only because my nephew is there and its a way we keep in touch and have a little fun together.

I have found the highest challenge in Skyrim is from levels 24 thru about level 28. The reason is most of the badguys get better at lvl 24 and you aren't. Thats also my argument against level 1 players. Level 1 is no challenge. You may not be giving yourself perks or increasing the 3 stats but your skills are still going up while facing the lowest of the low for badguys. Lvl 1 runs are fine (and tough) when playing Dark Souls (I & II) where the challenge levels are fixed, but make far less sense in Skyrim. However, increasing your level to 24 - 28 (pick one), taking no perks along the way, use only in-game; enchantments, potions. armor and weapons, and equally increasing the 3 stats each level until your target level is reached is not only very tough but a nice way to challenge your skills at playing the game.

Its nice to wait until your a high level to get the best rewards, once! After that you have lost the challenge and the game is for all intents and purposes a cakewalk. I have one high level save I use when I'm testing something or when I just want to kill things (a bad day at the office kinda thing) but I have one I love to play over and over and he's lvl 26 with no perks and never goes any higher. I created him using Embershard Mine, Halted Stream Camp, and Silent Moons Camp with Helgan as a base of operations. Hard saved him when he got where I wanted him and never save over that save so I don't lose it. But then I also have test saves for lvl 10, lvl 20, lvl 30, and on in tens to lvl 100 (which is way boring) that I use for tests (each named for their level - its funny reading the assassins message LOL.)

Recently I bought the Legendary version that has the 3 official DLC's so I'm just starting on those. One thing I've learned; don't visit towns at night. I've lost several needed (for minor quests) NPC's that way and they never come back. Heck, at one point Markarth had no guards LOL. But that crossbow, although slow, is great once upgraded a bit. Get the first one from the guy that greets you then stand near the tree and collect as many bolts you want as he "practices."

Things to do after playing a long time[edit]

  • Try to make the highest level possible without dying once.
  • Try to see how fast you can complete the main quest without dying and at the lowest level.
  • Try to see how fast and the lowest level you can get all shouts.
  • Try to see how fast and the lowest level you can complete all major quest-lines, (choose a side to complete in the revolt ,,, then do the other side.)

Things I'm Testing[edit]

The Forbidden Legend quest: Specifically the reward levels of the Sword & Bow.

Ahtar || Broken Oar Grotto must be done before Falk Firebeard's || Bounty Quests as well as Lights Out!. Falk Firebeard has only one choice, BOG so always sends you there. Once this starts Ahtar will no longer give his quest and Captain Hargar spawns so you must kill him. Atar's quest requires Hargar, the others do not (testing this). If you wait, a generic bandit spawns (Testing this.)

When doing the puzzle in Volskygge, if you do the puzzle wrong to get the Dragur & skeleton remains, the exit door shuts barring passage back for overload drops. 1) Does it shut if you do it right the first time? 2) Can you use a shout, spell to release the dragur? 3) Is there anyway to release the skeleton remains other than by doing it wrong?