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This page is being used to dump data about NPCs from the construction set. The current contents are Morrowind Enchanters, Blacksmiths, Ingredient Merchants, Transport Providers, and quest-related NPCs. It should contain most (if not all) non-generic NPCs who need to have a dedicated NPC page, excluding some NPCs whose pages have already been created. Although it doesn't look like it at first glance, the data is all preformatted to make use of the new Template:NPC Summary template. If you would like to setup a NPC page using the new template, pick any one of the following subpages, and cut and paste the info for any NPC.

Basically all that you need to do is cut and paste an entry; follow the built-in comments in each entry to take care of the most important points.


If you'd like more detailed step-by-step instructions, read on:

  1. Choose a NPC (or section of NPCs) to edit. Check Recent Changes to see whether anyone else seems to be currently working on any NPCs. If someone is currently working on NPCs starting with "A", for example, then try starting at "U" to make sure you don't overlap.
  2. Edit the subpage, highlight and cut the entire chunk of text for a NPC (from {{User:Nephele to }}, inclusive), then save the page. Be sure to save the subpage before going much further, because by deleting the entry you make sure that someone else won't try to work on the same NPC at the same time.
  3. Paste the entire chunk of text into the top of the NPC page.
  4. Change {{User:Nephele/Sandbox/5 to {{NPC Summary
  5. Delete the line that starts |name=
  6. Add in info for "city", "house"/"store", "sells" (i.e., every line that says "fill in info")
    • There are a few ways to provide info on where to find the NPC, depending upon what's most appropriate. If the NPC doesn't even live in a city, you can delete the |city= and |house= parts, and instead just use |loc=. Or if the NPC lives in a city but not in a house or store, you can delete the |house part and replace it with, e.g., |loc=Mages Guild. Basically, any combination of |city=, |house=, |store=, and |loc= can be used depending upon the NPC.
  7. From what was previously on the page, delete {{Morrowind NPC Trail}}, and any [[Category...]] tags.
  8. Image:
    • If the page contains an image, move the image into the template using |image= and |imgdesc= tags (see Gundalas for an example).
    • If the page does not contain an image but you think it needs one (in particular if the NPC is an important NPC, e.g., plays a prominent role in a quest), add a {{NeedsImage}} tag so other editors know to add a screenshot.
  9. Cleanup the rest of the pre-existing page contents as needed.
  10. Do a sanity check of the info: are there major discrepancies from what's already on the page? If so, post a note on the talk page so that someone can manually check the construction set.
  11. Save the new NPC page.


  • The tables shown on these pages do not show all the data available in each NPC's entry, because the table would be much too large. It mainly shows some of the info that might need to be doublechecked. The full data is accessible if you edit the page.